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I Went To Sleep A Poet and I Woke Up A Fraud

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Sarah is one confused girl. Should she pick Pete over Joe? or Joe over Pete??

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I Went To Sleep A Poet and I Woke Up A Fraud

"All circuits are busy"
"ughh. Fuck." said one of the two girls in the room frustrated at the robot that kept responding to her instead of who she wished would. "Have you gotten anything?"
"Caller number two a few seconds ago. weve got time Sarah, keep calling."

"Hello. WKFX"
"umm. Hi did I umm... win?" Sarah said tripping over her words like a doormat.
"Oh... Im sorry... but YES YOU DID!"
"oh... okay.. wait WHAT?!... shut up, no I didnt."
"You can believe whatever you want to miss, but according to this in front of me, you and a friend are going to the Fall Out Boy show on Saturday." the radio host said obviously hiding his laughter.
"Thank you so much you have no idea what this means to us!"
"I have an idea." The man chuckled "Im gonna transfer you over. give whoever answers your information so we can put you on the list okay? Congrats!"

"You know what this means Carrie? Were going to see them. Its about fucking time right? Hahaha"

"I have fantasies about this all the time. Well go to the concert and then pete will notice me. Then Ill have his babies and all will be well with the world."
"youre a retard."
"I know"

Both girls were huge fans of Fall Out Boy but they both had their favorite members within the band. Carrie was a major teenie for pete in case you hadnt noticed. Sarah liked Pete too. but she leaned towards Joe. Neither of them wouldve ever expected what would happen next...


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