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Chapter Two

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I Went To Sleep A Poet and I Woke Up A Fraud

The day of the concert had finally arrived and both girls were as excited as can be. Sarah was still asleep in bed when Carrie walked through her bedroom door.


"Yes mom well be fine!" Carrie scolded to the person on the other end of the cell phone. I opened my eyes but I didnt want to. Its so early why is she here? "...okay i promise Im sleeping here at Sarahs tonight I already told you... No mom we wont... Love you too. Bye" She hung up the phone and sat on my bed.
"Well welcome to my room make yourself comfortable. Ill be awake in about... three hours. night!" I said. I get cranky in the morning.
"Sarah shut up." how rude. "Do you know what day it is?"
"The day when I knock your lights out for not letting me sleep?"
"Hopefully not... get ready. The Fall Out Boy concert you won us tickets to ring a bell?" OH SHIT! I jumped out of bed and rushed frantically to get ready.


Sarahs in the shower, and Im all ready. What the hell am I supposed to do? I cant contain my own excitement at the moment. I might get to meet the man of my dreams. I sound so cheesy but I dont care. Petes just so... so... I dont know. Theres something about him. If I was alone with that man Id-
"CARRIE! where's my gray striped hoodie?"
"uhhhh... I dont know Its your room. OW!" she pushed me over and snatched her hoodie from under me."Why are you in such a bad mood?"
"Im sorry. Im really stressed if you hadnt noticed. I still love you though!" she smiled at me. Best friends will be best friends.
"I forgive you now get ready!"
Thanks to my rushing her, we were out the door within a half hour. Now to navigate one of the biggest cities in the states, Boston, by ourselves.


"Have you ever been to this place before?" I asked carrie. I already knew the answer was-
"No, but Ive been to Fenway with my Dad a fair few times, and mapquest said its right behind there. Well be okay dont worry so much."
But I was worrying. I was freaking out as a matter of fact. I wanted to get there without any glitches. This was already going to be one of the best days of my life, I knew it. Seeing your favorite band live and up close (and for free might I mention) has got to be one of the best experiences ever.
Turns out Carrie did know where she was going actually. I was surprised to be honest! After just a short walk from the subway exit, we were waiting in line outside the venue.
We just hung out and talked to a few people in line near us while waiting. Flirting with a cute boy here or there. You cant blame me, Im single and looking, and my hormones are raging. Im a teenager for crying out loud. Plus I need to get over this dumb crush on Joe I have.
Finally the doors opened and Carrie and I nudged our way up to one person from the barricade! The opening bands were great, but I wasnt really paying attention. I was too busy worrying about Carrie getting lost and trying to keep back tears of excitement for when Fall Out Boy came out.
The lights went black and I felt Carrie grab my hand tight as she whispered in my ear: "Soak it in Sarah, this is really it!"


The fresh air hit my face and it felt so good. I took a deep breath of the chilly winter air. Everything meant to much more to me, I love this feeling.
"THAT. WAS. SO. AMAZING." Sarah basically screamed to let everyone in the city of Boston know her excitement.
"I KNOW" I said, trying to match her exuberance.
We waited outside with a group of fans we had met in line before the show for the guys to come out and talk to us. Unfortunately some guy came out and shouted something along the lines of "go away" "youre not allowed to stay here anymore" "-insert jerkish phrase here-" And then ran back inside, JERKISHLY. I. was. pissed.
"who the fuck was he?" i asked Sarah.
"Charlie. ughhhhh." Sarah looked so disappointed. Come on, this was her night and she had her heart set on meeting the guys that basically made her last few years complete. She was so excited, and I needed to do something. All of a sudden the idea hit me like a ton of bricks.
"OH SHIT!" I screamed, tripping on air, and landing with a thud on the pavement. Fuck. I really did hurt myself!


"OH MY GOD Carrie are you okay? Somebody get help! I think she broke her ankle!"
One of the fans we had met ran inside and we could hear Charlie yelling at her to get out. "This isnt good." I thought to myself. But then Charlie was hushed. The fan came running out with Pete, Joe and Patrick behind her. Wait... pete joe and patrick?
"Is she okay?" Pete said, kneeling down to our level..
"I dont thi- ohmygod...hiimcarrie." Carrie stuttered out in one breath, her eyes widening.
"Haha. Hi Carrie, Im pete."
"We just called an ambulance for you so dont worry. You her friend?" Patrick said looking to me.
"Uh yeah. Im Sarah. Thank you so much for helping her." I said still tense. I just want Carrie to be okay.
"Whoaa dude is she all right? Are you okay?" Andy said running out of the door.
I could tell Carrie felt awkward being asked that so many times. "Ill be okay. Thank you so much."
First impressions so far are well. Theyre all so kind for doing this, and genuinely concerned!
The ambulance finally came and I got in with Carrie. Joe offered to follow behind us 'to make sure we got there okay' and I thanked him. I started beaming uncontrollably and hid my happiness behind my hair. I guess I hadnt gotten this crush under control like I thought I had. I called Carries parents on the way to the hospital and they said they were on their way.
At the hospital they took Carrie in and left Joe and I in the waiting room... alone. I smell awkwardness. Please dont fuck this up Sarah PLEASE.
"Im really sorry about your friend. Maybe next time we should make sure all the ice is gone from in front of the venue before people arrive."
"Haha thank you, well its not your fault. I appreciate you being so concerned it really means a lot." I hadnt made a fool out of myself...yet. Then the doctor walked in and told us Carrie had to have surgery on her ankle, and we could see her before they started. Joe and I walked in to see her and I hugged her. We talked for a little while and then Carries phone rang, it was her mother.
"Theyre here. You guys better go before they get up to the room."
We left before her parents walked in, and went down to the cafeteria to get coffee.
"Why did we have to leave before her parents got there?" joe asked.
I laughed and said "oh um.. they dont like me very much. They think Im a... quote unquote bad influence"
"Well that doesnt make sense. You seem pretty rad to me. Want me to drive you home?"
I could feel myself blushing as I nodded. "Thanks." ohmygod.

The whole ride to her house we talked about anything and everything. She is really cool. Not like other girls Ive hung out with before. If youd call helping get her friend to the hospital safe 'hanging out'. We got to her house and I walked her to her door.
The silence was broken when Sarah said, "Well thanks Joe, I cant tell you how much I appreciate everything youve done for me and Carrie tonight." hugging me.
"Its nothing, I liked getting to know you guys though. Hey, will you let me know how Carrie does?"
"Suree" she said trading cells with me. I typed my number in and gave the phone back to her as she did the same then said, "Thanks. Talk to you later"
"Call me tomorrow. See ya." I said walking away. I drove back to the venue where everyone was waiting for me, and all I could think about was Sarah.
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