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Chapter Three

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I Went To Sleep A Poet and I Woke Up A Fraud


Did that really happen? I scrolled through my contacts list in my phone and came upon the name "Joe Trohman". Wait... Carrie called me a few minutes after I woke up the next morning and confirmed my suspicions. I wasnt dreaming. She said her surgery went well and she was coming home either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Im so happy shes okay. I told her about mine and Joes conversation last night.
"So he said... 'see ya'?"
"He totally likes you."
"What drugs do they have you on? He just wants to make sure you didnt die in a fluke ankle surgery."
"Why would he ask for your number in return then? You couldve just called and said I was fine and that would be that. He obviously wants your number for more personal reasons"
"Or maybe youre overanalyzing the situation. Why dont you go back to sleep. Call me later if you get bored."
"Will do. Bye love."

Ill find out right now. He wanted me to call him and tell him how Carrie is, so I will do just that. I picked up my cell again, scrolled to his name again, and pressed send. It rang twice and he picked up.
"Hi Sarah"
"Hey um. Carrie just called."
"How did her surgery go?"
"Just fine. Shes coming home later today or tomorrow."
"Oh thats really good. Are you all right?"
"Yeah Im fine now that I know shes okay."
"Good. So... what are your plans today?"
"I plan on sitting here being bored. What are your plans?"
"I plan on hanging out with you again. haha. Are you in?"
"Oh do you now? hahaha. Yeah Im in."
"Ill pick you up around four?"
"Okay. see you then."
ohmygod. I hung up my cell and screamed like a little girl. Then I called Carrie to tell her. I dont care if shes asleep I need her now more than Ive ever needed her.
She gave me the best advice she could. I was too busy freaking out so all I really got from the conversation was, "breathe. get ready, dont die, have fun"
Im going to try.

Review. im new to and sucky at this :D
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