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Random Moment Number One.

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Note: Thoughts are in Italics. Actions are in the - things. What the characters say is just outside all of that. Bold is the character that is speaking, or moving, or to whom they are directing their speech to and various other things. Continue reading. :] I own nothing! Reviews are ALWAYS nice to get. :]

Davey:: Jade what the hell are you doing?
Jade:: Nothing. -hopping in circles-
Davey:: Why are you acting like a rabbit? -looks at him confused-
Jade:: I'm a bunny? YAY! I'm a bunny!! What's my name? -hopping in circles, he had thrown his hands in the air when he said 'yay'-
Davey:: -shakes his head- Your name can be Harold.
Jade:: -pouts- I don't like the name Harold!
Adam:: -walks in- What's wrong with him? -talking to Davey-
Davey:: He's a bunny and he needs a name.
Adam:: What's wrong with his name now?
Jade:: -still hopping- It's not bunnyish!!
Adam:: Fine, I dub the 'Lord Bunny of Darkness'.
Jade:: SWEET!! -throws his hands in the air again-

Should I continue, or is this stupid? Either way, I like it. :] If you're still confused about how it's written, feel free to ask/comment/email me!! :]
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