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Random Moment Number Two.

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Poor Jade. :P

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Yay, chapter number two! :P
Reviews are nice too. :D

Jade:: -in front of the TV playing Xbox-
Hunter:: -walks into the room- Hey Jade do you know what happened to the other box of merch?
Adam & Davey:: -sitting on the couch watching Jade play Xbox-
Jade:: Mhm. -not paying attention-
Hunter:: Where are they?
Jade:: Mhm. -still not paying attention-
Hunter:: Jade are you even paying attention?
Jade:: Mhm. -focused on his game-
Hunter:: No you're not.
Jade:: Mhm.
Adam:: Jade you're stupid.
Jade:: Mhm.
-they all laugh some-
Hunter:: Are you gay?
Jade:: Mhm.
-they all laugh a little again-
Davey:: Are you a girl?
Jade:: Mhm.
-Davey, Adam and Hunter were all amused at their new game, so they kept asking questions. After thirty minutes Jade finally lost his game-
Jade:: AW DAMMIT! NOT FAIR! IT CHEATS! -he looks up at everyone, they were all laughing hysterically- What? What did I do? -he was confused-

Haha, I thought that one was funny. :] Teehee, reviews are nice. :D
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