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Random Moment Number Three.

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Yay, I may be having fun writing this, but does anyone else like it? Just wondering. :]
I'm listening to Brooks & Dunn.
Yayyyyy. Hahah...

Davey:: -driving, it was late at night and he was bored- Come on, nobody's talking.
Jade:: -yawns- That's cause everyone's half asleep, but you have some conspiracy to not let me sleep.
Davey:: That's because I'm bored. -not paying too much attention to the road-
Jade:: -looking straight ahead- Uh...Davey?
Davey:: -looks over at him for a second- Hm?
Jade:: -alarmed- Davey! Ditch! Get away from the ditch idiot!
Davey:: whoa! -turns the wheel-
Jade:: Dammit, would you pay more attention to the road?! -not mad, already used to this-
Davey:: I am paying attention, you're the one who didn't want to drive.
Jade:: -sighs "I'm going to get killed one of these days." he stays quiet-
Davey:: -continues driving in silence /"I don't want to drive."/-

Yay! I was bored again. This is still fun to write. Just, does anyone like it?
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