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Random Moment Number Four.

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I'm listening to Uncle Kracker. Yay.
Gosh, I'm tired. How about you?
My dumb butt cat kept me up all night last night, and then I had school. >.<
Anywhoo, enjoy! :D

Jade:: Come on guys! Give it back! You're starting to annoy me now! -his tone was serious-
Hunter:: Come on, we're bored. -holding his skateboard away from him-
Jade:: Give the damn thing back already! Don't make me hurt you!
Adam:: -catches Jade's skateboard when Hunter threw it to him- Aw what, is Jadey Wadey gonna' turn into some type of Ninja? -in a childish voice-
Jade:: Maybe I will!
Adam:: Riiiiiight. -disbelieving-
Hunter:: -laughing-
Jade:: HIYA!! -jumps, kicking the skateboard from Adam's grip. He jumps onto the upturned skateboard and rides off- HA HA!!
Adam & Hunter:: -confused and dumbfounded-
Davey:: -walks in- What did I miss?
Jade:: -calls back- a friggin' sweet Ninja move!!

Hehe, does anyone else think I should do this with another band? Who would enjoy that? Cause, I will. :D
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