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Random Moment Number Five.

by deaths-destruction 3 reviews

Another random moment in the way of AFI.

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Hiya, new chapter, right here right now. I am so in world history typing this lol.

Adam:: Yo, what's up?
Jade:: Your face.
Adam:: You're just jealous that my face is cooler than yours.
Jade:: Am not. Butthead.
Adam:: -sticks his tongue out at Jade- Ha ha.
Jade:: -tackles Adam- YOU'RE MY SLAVE NOW!! DANCE!! -smacks him-
Adam:: -dances- how long do I have to dance?!
Jade:: Until I get bored. -sits down-
Davey:: -walks in, instantly confused- strip tease??
Adam:: -shrugs, pulling his shirt up some-
Jade:: FAGS!!
Davey:: -throws his hands in the air- YES!
Hunter:: -had been watching the entire time. He was shaking his head-

YAY!!! Okay, hehe. Um, well sorry if anything's mispelled, but like, there's no word document or checking thing on this computer. SORRY!! :(
Have fun reading. :]
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