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Detachable Penis

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... You heard me.

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Roxanne woke up one Sunday morning with an atrocious hangover and noticed that her penis was missing. Yes, that’s right, “her penis”. She had been to a party the night before and had considered leaving at home, so that it wouldn’t get her into trouble, but, sighting that she hadn’t brought it out with her in a good, long while, she decided to bring it along anyway.
She looked through her sheets and blankets, and all around her bedroom, but it was nowhere to be found. She then went into the bathroom and checked in the medicine cabinet, because—for some reason—it often ended up there, but not this time.
So she called the place where the party had been and asked them if they’d seen her penis. They thought she was making a prank call, so they hung up on her. This frustrated her, so she called them back, but they wouldn’t answer: apparently they had caller ID.
She began to panic and decided to go down to the place and look for it herself, if they weren’t going to take her plea seriously. She was almost there when she walked passed a kiosk that sold used kitchen appliances and other junk. And there, sitting on top of a burnt-out, old toaster was her penis.
She tried to explain her unique situation to the man who ran the booth, but he didn’t speak very clear English and comprehended even less, so this came as something of a challenge. Once she finally got across to him what she was trying to convey, however, he turned very cross—it seemed he thought this was a prank as well—and told her that if she wanted the penis she would have to pay the asking price of $22.95. Fortunately, Roxanne had superb bartering skills and a set of tits to kill for, and by speaking firmly and unzipping her jacket a little bit she was able to talk to man down to $17.50.
With that ordeal behind her, she took her penis home and washed it off, and decided that, the next time she thought of it, she was going to have a chain put on it, so that she could latch it to her belt.
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