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Chapter 1 - Demon Eye

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WillJack slash. Spoilers for POTC2. Series of oneshots from various times in the lives of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. Rated cautiously.

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Tia Dalma sighed as she looked at the man William Turner had become. Losing Jack had seemed to cut out a piece of the man’s soul. They all knew Jack was still alive, a mere month ago Will had turned up, back from one of his mysterious wanderings, with Jack’s compass. Yet, it seemed as if this only spun William more into the black pit of despair.

Will looked nothing like the young man she had met back when Jack was fleeing from the Dutchmen and Davy Jones. His silky brown hair was longer and, as a seeming tribute to Jack, was woven into a mass of braids, all ending in some glittering trinket or bell. Will always chimed when he walked now and his enemies and informants learned to dread the light and airy sound. Another change that had occurred in Will Turner was his manner of dress. Before, Will had always dressed in relatively neutral colours, fitting in with all of society. Now, Will still wore his plain white shirt and black trousers and boots, but he paired them with a bloody crimson coloured coat and sapphire blue scarves, one in his hair and one wrapped around his waist, just as Jack used to wear.

By far, Tia Dalma had to admit the thing most changed about William Turner was his eyes. One had been slashed in a fight and, if it weren’t for Tia Dalma, he would’ve been blind in that eye. Now, though he could still see, his left eye was a strange yellow instead of the warm brown it had been before. People called it his ‘demon eye’ and it was rumored that with it he could look into a person’s very soul. Will’s right eye too was changed by time and disappointment after disappointment. His previously warm brown eye was now a cold harsh bitter black, that Inner Light within having completely gone out without Jack Sparrow to keep it alive.

When Tia Dalma had first met William Turner she had mentioned that he was touched by Destiny. Now, he was bathed in It. Fate, it seemed, would not rest until he was with his beloved. Jack Sparrow’s disappearance had separated Will from his love for far longer then Fate had obviously intended and now…now Will was a different person who miraculously held the same path as he always had.

As Tia Dalma risked a glance to the back room, where one could just see a pair of well-worn boots, she wondered how Jack’s return would change the person known as William Turner even more.
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