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Chapter 3 - Tattoo Freedom

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When Will and Jack fought, the entire crew knew they were in for at least a week of pure hell. Neither one would talk to the other and each was far to stubborn to give in and accept that they were wrong. Fights between lovers on a ship in the middle of the open ocean could last for weeks, and unfortunately for the crew, Jack and Will fought over an awful lot of things.

The first issue that was subject to a fight was piercing Will’s ears. Will had already firmly said no to dread locking his hair and was now putting up a fight against something that Jack obviously didn’t want to budge on. Three weeks later and they still weren’t talking. Tortuga had never seemed more wondrous and beautiful to the crew then it had wen they made port after enduring a stony silence between their captain and first mate.

That particular argument had been settled when Will had shown up three days after they made berth with three gold rings in his left ear and two in his right. Jack had been very surprised to see the gold glinting in Will’s ears and even more surprised when his lover had pounced on him in front of the crew, demanding attention. The make-up sex that followed had been so loud that a crowd formed on the pier, all looking rather impressed.

The crew sighed as Jack stormed about the stern. The current fight was over tattoos. Jack thought that any pirate worth his salt would have at least one, even if it were small and unnoticeable. Will, however was leery about needles and ink being combined to stab a picture into his skin. The two of them had been at it for a week and a half already, and the crew was doing their very best to coax more speed from the sails. The bars of Tortuga were hours away and all the crew wanted was a nice bottle of rum and maybe a few whores, as well as an escape from the tension.

When they finally anchored the Pearl, Will instantly disappeared to where ever it was that he went during one of his fights with Jack. Will would be gone for a few days and then would show back up at the ship, usually after having some how given in to Jack’s demands with his own little twist.

On this occasion it would be no different.

Will had been gone for five days, a new record. Jack had just decided to begin worrying when his missing first mate made an appearance. As suddenly as Will had appeared, he whisked Jack into their shared cabin.

“Well, did you get a tattoo, whelp? Or am I gonna have to ignore you some more?”

Without speaking, Will slid sensuously out of his shirt, leaving Jack’s mouth dry. When will turned and showed his back, and the tattoo etched there, Jack couldn’t repress his gasp.

There on Will Turner’s back was and starkly black image of the Pearl in full sail, heaving on waves that were crested with intricate foam.

“Why that?” Jack breathed.

“Because Jack, I want to be your freedom.”
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