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Chapter 5 - Sleepy Sunrise

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Jack loved watching Will sleep. When they were his lover let his strict manners and pretenses of society drop away, leaving the pure inner self of William Turner. The inner self that burned with passion and had been the first thing to entice Jack into discovering more about his old messmate’s son. But when Will was asleep, even more barriers dropped, and Will became Jack’s angel, sent by a God that Jack had no longer believed in.

When Will was asleep, he would roll onto his stomach, half on top of Jack, an burrow into Jack’s shoulder like a small kitten. The lantern light would flicker in an unfelt caress, highlighting the bronze plains and valleys of Will’s powerfully muscled body. Small scars and imperfections in his body were erased by tender shadows and fairy kisses.

As Will first awoke in the morning, he would first burrow farther into Jack, as if denying the dawn. Then, he’d inhale Jack’s spicy scent and blearily blink open his eyes to sleepily meet the smilingly dark eyes of his love. A slow sleepy kiss, filled with affection, was given and received before both rose and slid into the previous night’s hastily discarded trousers. Sun browned hands intertwined as bare feet padded out on deck to watch another sunrise, secure in the knowledge that, like the sun, their love would burn forever.
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