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rooftop wonder.

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Author's Note: Sorry for lack of updates this week. I've been obsessing over trying to unlock the dates for FOB's 'Young Wild Things ' tour and it's been pretty time consuming.

*EDIT: bought presale tickets. anyone else going to the 10/20 date?

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Chapter Twenty-Four: Fer Sure

All this time is wasted pretending we're in love, but that's alright.
-The Medic Droid

Emi's POV

We all had about enough of the tour bus. Half-eaten bags of Cheetoes were strewn all over the place. Dirty clothes covered the bunk area floor. Christina was in a pissy mood because of her period. And to top things off the toilet was clogged up, its stench slowly infecting the bus.

"I need to get off this FUCKING BUS!" Christina yelled. Nick tried calming her down, but she wasn't having it.

"Here we go," Tyson whispered. I leaned against him and sighed. Emerson crawled into my hoody pocket as the fight began.

As more yelling ensued, I turned up my iPod to block it out. Instead of angry yelling, melodies of the Hush Sound were all that reached my ears.

Christina pouted as Nick made his way to the front of the bus. After a few minutes, he emerged with a relieved look on his face.

"Okay, we'll be checking into the next hotel that we see." After making his announcement, he quickly got on the phone with the other buses and informed them of our change in plans. Luckily we were ahead of schedule, meaning that the next concert would go through as planned.

I let out a sigh of relief and continued listening to Freezepop. Liz Enthusiasm's voice helped me drift to sleep until Tenisu No Boifurendo came through my earbuds.

It usually wasn't the most thought-evoking song, but right then it made me wonder what I was doing with Tyson. I cared about him. He cared about me. But you couldn't call it "love."

Getting into this, I thought that 'fuck buddies' were all we'd ever amount to. A no-strings-attached type of deal.

But things weren't as simple anymore. Somewhere between last week and today, feelings were thrown into the mix. I guess this is what Christina warned me about.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed the top of my head. Confusing me with this gesture was unintentional. Nonetheless, it made me question a lot of things.

"Tired?" he asked.
"I'll wake you up when we get there." I nodded and fell asleep soon after.

"It's a sign from God!" I heard Nick say. At this comment, I opened my eyes.
"What's he talking about?" I asked, yawning. Tyson pointed toward the window.

Holiday Inn Premium Suites.

The sign was partially lit, illuminating only 'HI emi.' Smiling, I snapped a picture with my phone as we pulled into the parking lot.

We quickly filed off the bus and checked in under the names Ferris Bueller, Jerry McGuire and Gene Simmons. Not the most conspicuous choices, but at this point, none of us cared about being recognized. The elderly woman behind the counter gave us key cards and we graciously accepted them.

Impatiently, we took an elevator up to the 5th floor.

"Night, guys," I said.
"Good night," Nick said, carrying a sleeping Christina on his back.

At this, we went our separate ways.

Tyson plopped onto the bed once we made it into the room.

"Sleepy much?" I asked. He nodded into the pillow as I took off my shoes. He kicked his off, then made space on the bed for me. As I crawled in next to him, my thoughts wandered back to the nature of our relationship. He slipped his arms around my waist and nuzzled against my neck. "Good night," he whispered. Actions like these were exactly what made this so complicated.

Is this what you wanted?

In a way it was. In many more ways, it wasn't. Contrary to my sometimes spontaneous actions, stability was something that I craved. With Tyson, I had a sometimes boyfriend. He'd be there when I needed a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold. But afterwards, he'd be across bar, flirting with girls and giving them autographs.

Still, sometimes is better than never .
Having half of someone is better than having no one at all.

I felt happy. I felt used. I felt both at the same time, if that makes any sense.

By the time that I gave up on figuring out our state of affairs, he was long asleep. I glanced at the clock. 2:06 AM. With emotions still swimming through my head, there was no way that I'd be getting to sleep. Laying in his arms wasn't helping the situation, either.

I slipped out of bed, careful not to wake him up. I scribbled a note onto the hotel stationary and left it on the nightstand.

Went out for a walk. Be back soon.

I quickly got dressed, tucked the key card into my purse and headed out the door. As expected, the lobby was empty and the gift shop was closed. Lonely hallways and well-lit stairwells were all that I came across. I found an elevator and considered my options:
Parking Lot

The rooftop seemed to be the best bet. Other floors would only provide more empty hallways. If I wandered around the parking lot, security would think I was either lost or trying to steal a car. I pressed R and tapped my foot in anticipation.

Ding! Doors opened and a breeze caught me by surprise.

I walked toward the ledge and took a seat on it. The skyline was pretty, but nothing compared to Chicago. I looked down at the busy streets and wondered what people doing at this hour.

Was the 20-something guy driving to work for a late-night shift or getting home from a rave? Was the middle-aged woman riding the bus because her car got towed or because her keys got stolen? Was that teenager speeding toward a concert or away from the cops?

I also wondered if any of them were in the same situation that I was: half in love, half in lust, wholly confused.

I pulled a cigarette out of my purse and a lighter from my pocket. I didn't do this often, but sometimes I just needed a release. Inhaling the sweet smoke, I stared at the sky. A few stars glimmered in the distance.

I had no idea what time it was in Illinois, but I took my cell phone out and dialed nonetheless. After almost two years of being away, Liv's number was still ingrained in my memory.

"Please pick up..."

"Hey, you've reached Liv's voicemail. I'm busy planning my wedding to the wonderful Jasper Andrews, so leave a message and I'll get back to you... beep " I smiled upon hearing the news.
"Liv, it's Emi. Glad to hear that you've finally stopped procrastinating and started putting the plans together. Just remember that you'll only use the wedding dress once and that china patterns aren't that important," I said, laughing. "...Anyways, I'm going through some stuff right now and I really need someone to talk to...Call me back when you can."
I considered calling Travis, but he'd probably just get worried. Hesitantly, I put my phone away. With no one to talk to, it was just me and the moonlight.

I wished that I was back in high school, worrying about stupid stuff like GPAs and prom... Psychology class and parking tickets... Kegs and getting caught... Everything was so simple back then. I'd kill to get that back.

I took another drag and slowly exhaled. "God, I miss Chicago..."

"Me too."

I looked back and saw none other than Pete Wentz looking back at me.

Pete's POV

"Hey," she quietly said before taking a drag.
"Since when do you smoke?" I asked, taking a seat next to her.
"Habit I developed in college...just once in a while though. Relieves the stress."
"So I can assume that you're stressed out right now."
"Care to share?"
"It's...complicated." She paused to put out her cigarette. "Me and Tyson... I don't know what we're doing anymore..." She sighed then shifted her attention from the horizon to my face. "What about you? Can't sleep?"
"Insomnia's a part of it." Her eyes sparkled in the moonlight, silently asking what else was going through my head. "I have a lot on my mind... I should be at the top of the world right now--the band's selling records, we're on tour and there are thousands of fans at every show-- but I can't help but feel that the world's going to come crashing down any second."
"Have you talked to the guys about it?" she asked, worry apparent on her face.
"They know that something's up, but I haven't mentioned anything. The last thing I want to do is let them down..."
"You wouldn't let them down, Pete. The guys, the fans, me, we all care about you. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that your well-being is a priority..."
"I--fuck, I'm sorry for dumping all my problems onto you."
"I don't mind. It may have been a while since we've talked, but I'll be here if you need someone to listen."
"Thank you..." I leaned against her small frame. She wrapped an arm around my shoulder. The simple gesture helped to calm my nerves.

"Just know that everything fixes itself eventually..." she quietly said. "I'm not saying that your perspective will change tomorrow, next week, or even next month, but things will get better..."
"Cross your heart?" I held my pinky out, just like old times. She smiled and linked her pinky with mine.
"And hope to die."

A comfortable silence filled the air as we gazed into the distance, tattoos on our fingers still aligned.

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