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Chapter 1

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One bullet killed her... Getting mixed up with the murderer is not the best decision to make, but the danger feels damn good, right?

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"Definitely murder, I think…"
DC Bryar and DC Nixon had been sent to investigate a murder scene. The flat in which the body of 26 year old Jade Burns was found by a neighbour.

"Gunshot wound to the head, and no weapon. Certainly doesn’t look like a suicide," I inspected the blood stained skin around the wound on the back of the dead girls head, “She only looks young."
"Look, I found a purse," DC Bryar picked up the purse from the floor, beside the bed, "driving licence, credit cards, money.. It’s all here; the killer obviously wasn’t interested in the money or her possessions."
He held out the driver’s licence, to compare the picture with the girl sitting dead, tied tightly to a wooden chair positioned in the centre of the bedroom.
"It’s hers, a girl named Jade Burns, only 26..." he handed the ID to me.

“I can remember seeing a young man with her a lot; I believe they were courting...” The woman was shaken, finding the body of a girl; dead in the flat beside yours is enough to frighten anybody.
“Okay, this is really helpful Mrs Fisher, now can you remember anything about this man? His appearance? A name maybe??” I questioned her, needing answers.
“I don’t remember, I…” she stuttered, letting her head droop down and rest inside her hands.
“His name was Gerard. I heard them fooling about on the corridors many a time before. Gerard Way.” Mr Fisher, the husband of the lady who found the body, interrupted.
“Thank you, you’ve been a great help. One of my colleagues or myself will be back shortly to ask you both some more questions. Excuse us…” I said politely, gesturing with my head for Bob to come outside with me. We needed to talk, I could see in his eyes there was something wrong.

“What’s with the face, Bryar?” I whispered, closing the door quietly behind me as we went out onto the corridor.
“Gerard Way, I know him. My friend Ray introduced me to him a couple of months back; he went to art school with one of Ray’s other friends,” Bob replied, frowning, “I asked him if he had a girlfriend, he said no.”
“Well, maybe they only just started going out. Look, let’s get all the facts before we make any decisions,” I patted his shoulder slightly and smiled, “yeah?”

“You think this Way guy will recognise you?” I joked with Bob, as I drove.
“Ash, I honestly don’t know,” he replied, laughing a little.
I slammed on the breaks, we had arrived.
“You have reached your destination,” I pulled out the keys from the ignition.
“You drive like a bat out of hell!” Bob cried, slamming his door shut.
I laughed at his comment, ringing the doorbell.
“Gerard Way? I’m DC Nixon and this is DC Bryar,” I held out my badge for the face that answered the door to view.
“No, I’m his brother, come in I’ll just get him for you. What’s this about?” he stuttered, opening the door wider so we could get in.
I entered the house, ignoring the question.

“I’m Gerard, what can I do for you?” another man entered the room, “take a seat.”
We sat down on the sofa, it was extremely comfortable. The house was well furnished, but a little dark. Only one or two beams of sunlight entered the room through a gap between the red velvet curtains, draped across the window.
Its Jersey, what do you expect?
It reminded me of somewhere I had been before, as a kid. Like a friend’s house or maybe a relative who we visited once very blue moon. Either way, it seemed awfully familiar.
“Gerard, sit down.” I ordered. He took a seat in a small wooded chair. “Do you know a girl named Jade Burns?”
“Bryar. Bob Bryar. Ray Toro’s friend, I knew Id seen you somewhere before.” Gerard ignored my question and looked at Bob.
Bob smiled weakly, “would you answer the question please My Way.”
“Call me Gerard,” He smirked, looking back at me.
“Do you know her, Mr Way…Gerard?” I looked him in the eye. I was becoming frustrated, needing an answer.
“Yeah I know her.” he replied simply, still smirking at me, “what about her?”
“I’m afraid she was found dead at her flat earlier on today,” I shot Gerard a look of sympathy.
His brother entered the room carrying two mugs of coffee, “There you go officers, and did I hear you correctly? About Jade?”
“Thanks,” I took the coffee, handing one to Bob, “You heard me correctly, she was shot, we are trying to find the murderer. What was your relationship with Jade like, Gerard?”
“We went out a few times. Y’know.” Gerard shrugged his shoulders; he seemed suspiciously calm, and not a bit upset or shocked.
“More that that Gerard!” his brother squeaked, “Jade was his girlfriend, they’ve been going out for about 2 years now. I mean, they were going out.” he pushed his glasses back up, from the end of his nose.
That’s why this place looks familiar.
Mikey Way. My best friend in High School. How could I forget him? How he wore his glasses on the end of his nose. How he said ‘dude’ too often. How he had got me into trouble for hitting that guy who he said was bullying him.

We had lost touch when we had left school.
He obviously didn’t recognise me.

“Well, that will be all for now, but somebody will be back to ask further questions…” I said, standing ready to leave and handing my mug back to Mikey.
“Excuse me.” I heard a small voice say as I followed Bob, and stepped out of the door, “Are you Ashleigh?”
I turned around. He did recognise me after all.
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