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Chapter 2

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I looked up at the neon sign above the door, then looked down at my phone.
I opened the text I had received from Mikey earlier, to check that I was at the right place.
I took a deep breath and entered the bar, looking down at my watch.
10:30 exactly.

I walked cautiously towards the bar, there were people dancing in the centre of the floor, and others just sat. This doesn’t seem like a place Mikey would come.. but what do I know, I haven’t seen him in years.
“Can I get you anything?” I heard a voice say, but I was too busy scanning the room to answer.
“Excuse me miss…” the voice hit my ears once again. I turned around to face the bar, and parked my ass on a barstool.
“No thanks.” I stared at the man behind the bar. His hair was greasy and he had a pathetic looking moustache sitting comfortably above his lips.
“Waiting for somebody?” I felt a hand on my shoulder, and somebody breathing on my neck. My head swivelled round. Gerard?
It was hard to see properly, as the place was quite dark. It was only when the lights flickered, that I realised who it was.
“Mikey. Where’s Mikey?” I stuttered. I was not usually the timid type, but Gerard was extremely intimidating.
“I’ll get you a drink.” Gerard smirked.
What was it with this guy? Did he never answer questions?
We were having trouble getting him to cooperate, when we questioned him about the murder of his girlfriend. We still hadn’t found the killer.
“Go and sit over in that corner.” Gerard pointed to a booth. I followed his orders and made my way over there.
I moved the leather jacket from the seat and made myself comfortable on the leather. There were slashes in the seats where people had decided to knife them and the cobwebs and dust that lined the windowsills was pretty rank.
I felt as though I was at work, grilling the owner for dealing drugs to the customers, or arresting some drunken anti-social teenagers.
This was no place for a police officer to be.
Gerard was making his way towards the table, carrying two very large glasses, of some alcoholic liquid.
He took a seat beside me and handed me a drink, “Cheers,” he grinned evilly. His eyes glistened each time the lights flickered.
“Where’s Mikey?” I asked again, determined to get an answer.
“Not here obviously.” he said sarcastically.
“Drink…” he pointed towards the large glass that I had put on the table. I was afraid to take even the smallest of sips from it. I didn’t trust Gerard as far as I could throw him.
“What are you waiting for, take a drink. Its not like I’ve poisoned it. Unless you want a bit of poison, to sweeten the taste?” he was playing games with my mind.
I took the glass in my hands, and ran my fingertips around the rim.
“Don’t be scared. You’re a cop, why would you be scared of danger?” his eyes glistened again.
“Don’t say that too loud in a place like this.” I put the glass back on the table, hoping he wouldn’t notice that I didn’t drink any.
“Oh, so you are scared? Do you need me to protect you officer?” he picked up my glass and took a mouthful of the liquid, “See I didn’t drop dead, now you try…”
I took the glass from him, took a deep breath and then a mouthful of the drink.
The strong taste of alcohol hit the back of my mouth.
Coughing a little, I played Gerard at his own game, “See the officer isn’t afraid, she just doesn’t fall for tricks.”

“Where the hell is Mikey?” I asked myself, knowing that I wouldn’t get an answer from Gerard, who still sat beside me. I looked down at my watch, Id been here an hour already, and still no sign of him.
“Why would Mikey be in a place like this?” Gerard’s arm slid around my shoulders.
He was a mind reader. As messed up as it sounds, he had just repeated the exact thought that crossed my mind.
He was screwing with my head.
“He said…” I began, but was interrupted by Gerard’s deep, hoarse voice.
“People say a lot of things that they don’t mean, officer.”

What was going on? I didn’t understand…
“What’s going on Gerard?” I turned so that my face was directly infront of his. This was how we got suspects to answer us in interviews if they were being difficult and wouldn’t cooperate.
“Nothing is ever what it seems.” he replied simply, his hand creeping up onto my knees.
This guy was fucking up my mind. Giving me drinks that were almost pure alcohol. Messing with my brain.
“Gerard.” I looked into his eyes. Damn were they beautiful.
“Tell me what the fuck is going on…” I began, but Gerard silenced me.
His hands crept up onto my face and he began to trace my lips with his fingertips.
I was in no position to stop what was about to happen.
I was already drunk after just three drinks, and was not able to stop Gerard’s lips from crashing down onto mine.
My heart was screaming for me to stop.
My body was screaming louder for me to go on.
I felt my body tense when his hand slipped between my thighs, but I soon began to relax as his soft lips pressed against mine, and both our tongues met and became friends instantly.
Forcing me backwards, Gerard pressed his groin against my leg and our tongues continued to battle inside our mouths.
“To my car?” Gerard ended the kiss, and pulled a set of car keys from the pocket of his leather jacket.
Please don’t say he’s going to drive, this drunk…
“But…” I began, but again I was silenced by Gerard. He placed his hand over my mouth.
“No ifs and no buts. No questions..”

‘You’re a police officer Ash. You can’t get in a car with some drunken guy you questioned about a murder just a few days back…’ I thought to myself.

I followed him outside, and stupidly got inside his car with him.
Keys in ignition.
This was so dangerous. He had had over twice as much to drink as me, and he was a suspect for murder… But I liked the danger, that’s why I became a cop.
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