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Chapter 3

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My face was plastered to the seat as we travelled down a long and winding road.
Gerard was easily doing 100mph and we seemed to be heading into the middle of nowhere.

“Gerard slow down...” I slurred my words a little.
“Don’t spoil the fun, officer” he kept his eyes on the road.
“…and stop calling me officer” I held firmly onto the sides of the seat, as Gerard pressed his foot down on the accelerator.

Nearly flying through the windscreen, my heart stopped pounding as hard and my breathing gradually got back to normal, as Gerard slammed on the brakes and pulled up outside a large, eerie looking house.
It was like something from a horror film that you watch in the middle of the night when there’s nothing else better on the television.
“Come…” Gerard opened the car door at my side and held his hand out.
I took hold of his hand, a little worried about what was about to happen… but still my body screamed at me to continue, even though my heart still disagreed.
“Don’t be afraid, officer, just come with me. Now, close your eyes…” Gerard began, locking the car and pulling me towards the building.
“I thought I told you to stop calling me officer, “I kept my eyes wide open.
“Just close your fucking eyes. Do as I say.” he replied, tugging at my arm.
I shut my eyes slightly, but left them open just enough that I could see what was happening and where he was taking me.

We entered the house, which creaked as Gerard pushed open the door, and we began to climb some stairs.
I pretended that I was having difficulty stepping up each step, so not to make it obvious I could see.
One minute I was walking and the next I felt Gerard’s arm around me, and I was being carried up the rest of the stairs.
I was placed in a room, on a very large double bed.
From what I could see, the room was quite old fashioned, with dark curtains, oak furniture and brass handles on the set of draws and on the door. Also, to my horror, sat upon the quaint little dressing table, positioned infront of a large mirror, were what looked to me, like blood stained pieces of material.
“Can I open my…” I was interrupted by the sound of Gerard’s voice.
“Tell me something. Do officers like to play with handcuffs if their free time?” he asked, sitting beside me on the bed, clutching something behind his back.
“Well, we’re not allowed to take…” I thought for a moment, then realised what he meant, “Oh. Yes, I suppose.”
What a stupid answer.

I felt them tighten around my wrists.
I was trapped, tied to the bed.
The metal of the handcuffs dug into my skin as I struggled.
“Don’t be afraid. Lay still, I won’t hurt you.” his voice was calm, as if he had rehearsed this a thousand times over.
“Now,” he began, sitting on me, one leg at each side of my body, “do police like to play with bullets and blades?”
Oh hell.
“Errrrm, well…” I stuttered, no knowing how to reply.
He pulled out a gun from behind his back, and placed it flat on my stomach. I gasped, but was soon made to be quiet, when Gerard placed his hand over my mouth.
“Meet my good friend. Now she knows secrets that very few others know. If anybody ever finds out about these secrets, and opens their mouth to anybody else, my friend here takes care of it for me, and puts them to sleep. Would you like to know a secret, officer?” he smirked, his eyes glowing.
He removed his hand from my mouth so that I could speak.
I think he noticed the look of terror in my eyes, because he laughed and slowly took the gun in his hands, “I didn’t think so.”

Gerard gradually moved the gun up to the side of my head, and he stared into my eyes.
“Now, officer… what does it feel like not to be the one holding the gun?” he laughed.
“I…I…Gerard please don’t…” I stuttered, panicking slightly.
“Don’t worry,” he smirked, and lowered the gun, “like I said, I won’t hurt you,” he ran his fingers over my lips then leaned forwards and kissed me softly, “the gun is just for special occasions.”
“So this isn’t special then?” I blurted. I really shouldn’t have had that much to drink.
“Of course it is. Why? Do you want the gun?” He picked the gun back up from the cabinet by the side of the bed, and placed the end of it between my lips, “Bang!”
I tried to scream but was unable to. No sound came out of my mouth.
“Or would you prefer a knife?” he removed the gun from my mouth then pulled a stanley knife from his back pocket, and flicked out the blade.
My body trembled as he placed the blade against my neck and dragged it along my skin.
Smiling at my fear, Gerard put down the knife and began to kiss me, running his fingers through my hair and lifting my top up, then over my head to kiss my stomach and chest.
Moving his lips further and further down my body, he finally reached the zip on my jeans, opening it with his teeth.
He removed his own shirt and unzipped his jeans, it was then that the fun really began…

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