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Chapter Three.

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more chaos insues?

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Alright, well others seem to like this, so I shall continue it. :]
Hope ya like what's up next!! :D

"I'm hungry", Frank repeated for the fifth time. Mikey sighed, "Yeah, you've only said that about ten times." "It was only five thank you", Frank replied. Mikey rolled his eyes, "Whatever." "You're just mean", Frank stuck his tongue out at Mikey. Mikey only ignored him.

Frank sighed, his head on the ground. His back was against the bottom of the couch, his thighs were on the cushion of the couch and his feet were at the stop of the couch. "You're going to get lightheaded", Mikey stated. "So?", Frank argued.

After a few more hours they were starting to get on each others nerves. They had been arguing for the past hour. "No! You go away!", Frank yelled. "No! I told you to go away first!", Mikey yelled back. As they were arguing a small clanging noise came forth, announcing the arrival of another button. They both stopped arguing, their looks of anger turning into terror.

They watched as another button rose up from the ground. This one had the same small blue button, but with a orange box. Frank looked over at the couch, they had removed all the arrows that had bombarded it. The couch was also full of bullet holes. Mikey looked at Frank, "Oh no! Don't you dare even think about it!" "What?", he looked back at Mikey, "There's nothing else happening." "FRANK! THE LAST ONES TRIED TO KILL US!", Mikey shouted. "The couch will save us, I think it has one more hit in it", Frank smiled. Mikey sighed, "There is no arguing with you." "Got that right", he smiled walking over to the button.

Frank hesitated, his hand over the small blue button. "Well?", Mikey asked. "Well what? I don't want to press it yet." "Why no-", Mikey was cut off as Frank pressed it. "I wanted to press it when you were talking", Frank smiled. Mikey looked around as he felt shaking, "Uhhh..." Frank looked up, the ceiling opening in some spots, he nudged Mikey, "Look." Mikey looked up, "Uh oh." "COUCH!", Frank ran over to the couch as knives rained down on the spot he was previously in. Mikey let out a small squeak, quickly following him.

Hm, well, I think I might get them hurt soon. But, then idk. I'm so nice huh? I guess it was a good thing for the couch, it probably should have been like a bomb shelter, lol! :P
Well I love reviews, they are awesome. :]
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