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Chapter Four.

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More button pressing! :]

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Alrighty! Sorry it took me. Hopefully you'll forgive me!! :D Well, I guess here's the next chapter. Thanks to the folks that HAVE been reviewing! It makes me smile. :]

"Mikey", Frank whined. Mikey turned to him, "What?" "I'm bored", Frank whined once more. Mikey sighed, "What the hell do you want me to do about it?"

They were both sitting on the couch, they had been in awful moods towards each other after the knife incident. They were not getting along in the least. Frank kept annoying Mikey for the hell of it, and Mikey kept shouting. They were starting to get on their last nerves.

They heard a low rumbling as another button appeared from the floor. Frank got up automatically. It was his turn to press the button. After the buttons kept appearing, they made a game out of it. Whoever could stay out from under the couch the longest won, so far Frank was winning.

Frank pushed the blue button, this time it was in a pink casing. He heard more rumbling. He watched the button disappear back into the ground. He looked around, hearing more clanking of machines. He watched the couch disappear. Mikey fell to the floor. "Ow! Dammit!", Mikey sat up.

"Well, that's not good", Frank pointed out the obvious. "I swear to god you are TRYING to kill us!", Mikey shouted at him, still sitting on the floor. "Well excuse me! I'm bored! I want out! The air is getting thinner! There's water coming in from the crack in the wall over there! Wait...AGH!! THERE'S WATER COMING IN!!!!", Frank screamed at the top of his lungs, "LET ME OUT OF HERE! I DON'T WANNA DROWN!!!!!!!!!" Mikey sighed, "Frank calm down, it's just a little water. It'll take a while before it makes us drown."

The water was up to their ankles. "My feet are cold", Frank complained. "Well, YOU pushed the button that made the couch disappear!", Mikey angrily said. "Well sor-ry! You're the one who pushed the button that made that stupid cat attack me!", Frank shouted from across the room. "Yeah? So what?!", Mikey was getting annoyed. Frank looked down, kicking the wall, "Stupid room!"

Oh no! EEP! Will they be okay?! Hopefully. :] We don't need the guitarist and bass player of MCR to die!! :P Ahaha, oh and thank you MCR_dynamite for the couch idea thingy!! :] That was MCR_dynamite's idea, not mine!! So thank you! :D
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