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Chemically Romantic (Part 1)

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Part 1 of my Frerard story. This is my first one so dont hate me... Warning for language...

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I dont own any of these characters, they are real people and this never happened in real life, and i'm not saying it will ever happen.

/Part 1/


He remembered those times. Those good, fun times, of playing by the lake, skimming stones and hearing a laugh from behind him after he nearly lost his balance and went tumbling in the icy water. He remembered when they sat on the grass, overlooking the city, and talked about their unusual tastes in music that they were discovering. He remembered when they had first met, when he thought that he had something to live for, a friend.

There he was, sat by the lake, all alone, humming to himself and thinking about what to draw, brown trails of hair flicking into his face in the wind. He irritably brushed them away quickly and put the end of his favourite pencil in his mouth. At only 10, he was a fantastic drawer, and had a wonderful imagination. He would build the characters in his head, then scribble them on paper to remind him what they looked like, then he perfected the detail as he had a whole story forming in his head. His mind was mature for that of a 10 year old, but he had no distractions, apart from his little brother begging him to play or to lend him something.

So he always was alone. This worried his parents seeing as though his brother would bring friends home and go over their houses, but he just sat alone in his room drawing, or on rare occasions, like this one, he would come to the lake for inspiration, but today, he was getting none of it, until a boy walked out onto the jetty across the lake, and began to skim stones. He thought to himself, but then he was sketching away, drawing what he could see of the boy's features from a distance. When he finally finished the sketch and looked up, the boy was standing next to him, looking down at the picture.

'What are you drawing? Is that me?' asked the boy, who's fairly long, brown hair rustled in the wind, his dark, hazel eyes began to scan the picture. He looked up at the scene before him; the drawing mirrored the scene perfectly, minus himself standing on the jetty. He sat down next the boy.

'That's Amazing, that is,' he said with a wide smile, 'You're an amazing artist,' he stated.

His pale face broke out into a smile, revealing his teeth, which was unusual.

'Thank You.'He answered finally, his green-brown eyes wide with shock, no-one ever bothered to compliment him before.

'What's your name?' the boy asked him while attempting to flatten down his hair, now blowing fiercely in the wind. The other boy watched as his round face twisted with annoyance. He had a sudden urge to laugh at the sight.

'Gerard, Gerard Way,' he told him. 'And what's yours?'

Once they got talking, Gerard discovered that the boy's name was Frank Iero, and that he was 8 years old, the same age as his brother. Frank said that he knew his brother, they were in the same class at school.

'I don't think I've ever seen you around at school.' Gerard said looking puzzled.

'Oh, I like to just sit in the library, reading horror stories.' He grinned as he picked his fingerless gloved hand up to scratch his rosy-with-cold cheek.

After this meeting, the two boys became practically inseparable. They sat in the library every break time at school, reading horror stories to each other and discussing their favourite horror films. As time went past, and Gerard became old enough to move schools, they couldn't help but meet up every night after school, to go and walk by the lake or, in winter, have snowball fights which usually ending with sitting on the floor of one of their bedrooms, cuddling blankets and bed covers to make themselves warm.

So many fond memories, so much to remember. But Gerard thanked God everyday that he had found a best friend as amazing as Frank, who had excepted him like nobody else did, and despite the 2 year age difference, the 2 boys felt closer to each other than to anyone else that they knew, and that was an amazing feeling.


'Hurry up and finish packing already! We leave in ten minutes!' Gerard ducked as a heavily tattooed arm swung towards the clock.

'Alright!Alright! It's just I can decide which sketchpad to take...' he spoke with adesperate look on his face, But Frank had no sympathy.

'Take all of them then!' he said as he tried to haul the pile of sketchpads into the open suitcase. Gerard laughed at the sight of his best friend struggling. Frank turned round.

'Oh, so you enjoy watching me suffer?' he questioned, but his mouth turned into his familiar amazingly wide grin as he looked at Gerard's face falling.

'No, it breaks my heart,' Gerard said in a high-pitched voice as his hand flew dramatically to his heart, producing a packet of cigarettes from the chest pocket of his jacket, as he was taking one out, ready to light it, he looked up as Frank looked at him in amazement. 'Whaaaat?!'

'Right!'sketchpad's landed with a thud in the suitcase, as Frank wrestled Gerard to the ground and snatched the cigarette out of his hand.

'I'm cleaning up after /you/, and all you can do is watch me and light up a fag?' Frank squealed, his voice climbing higher towards the end of the sentence. Gerard laughed but made himself cough as he felt his lungs being crushed by Frank's weight.

'Alright, can you get off me now?' he choked out. It was surprising how strong Frank was considering that he was a few inches shorter than him. He heard someone approach the door,

'Well...this is rather cosy.' It was Mikey, Gerard's younger brother, his eyebrows raised in mock shock, as if this hadn't happened a million times before. Frank crawled of Gerard and sat on the floor, lighting the cigarette he took from him.

'Are we ready to go then?' Mikey asked them, not really expecting an answer. As usual, he didn't receive one, he just watched as Gerard's face was animated with anger. Frank looked up at Mikey and he nodded to Gerard, Frank looked over to see Gerard glaring at him.

'Oh what now?'he said. 'Do you want me to pack your underwear for you?' he grinned again, then took a drag from the cigarette,

'You better run, Iero...' his eyes narrowed. Frank gulped he already knew the reason why,'That was my last fucking fag!' Frank sped out of the room past Mikey, who was closely followed by Gerard.

Mikey sighed at the empty packet on the floor as he carried his brother's heavy suitcase outside and put it into one of the cars outside Gerard and Frank's shared apartment. Only to see them on the ground once again, Gerard attempting to jokily punch Frank. What a beautiful friendship they had...

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