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Part 2

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Part 2 of my frerard Chemically Romantic...Warning for language...

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I dont own these characters...this will never happen in real life and i'm not saying it will...

The 3 of them piled into the cars, Mikey in one, and Gerard and Frank in the other. Gerard drove, seeing as though Frank had never had lessons. He had spent the money his parents gave him for driving lessons on an expensive white Epiphone Les Paul Guitar, which he customised with silver guitar stickers which now spell the name /Pansy/. Of course, buying the guitar instead of getting driving lessons caused a dispute between him and his parents, which resulted in Frank moving in with Gerard. The very same guitar was sitting in a case in the back seat of the car.

Mikey led the way for a while as they followed the road signs for Ohio. They were heading to the Northern city of Kent, Ohio, to meet 2 of Mikey's college friends who shared a flat in Chicago, who were interested in starting aband. They planned to crash at a hotel in the city centre, where they could rent a recording and practice room, to discuss what they planned to do about the band situation. Mikey had told his brother that his 2 friends (who Gerard had met briefly before this occasion) were both very into music, and that one of them could play lead guitar material, and the other, a drummer and sound specialist. With Mikey on Bass guitar, Frank on Rhythm guitar and Gerard as vocals, they were a perfect match.

As they pulled onto a highway, Frank turned the radio up incredibly loud, so that the car was pulsing, and started dancing wildly in his seat to the latest radio tune. Gerard turned to his friend and pulled a face.

'You really are insane...' he shouted over the racket, then took his hand off the wheel and turned the volume back down. Frank turned to him and his face transformed into a cute frown, like a puppy.

'I was enjoying that!' he uttered, turning away from Gerard to face the window, his eyes wide in a false sulk. Gerard smiled at his friend with admiration then slowly turned his focus back to the road.

'Oh Great, now we've lost sight of Mikey!' he muttered, turning to Frank. Frank smiled then pulled his phone out of his pocket and started ringing Mikey's number.

'Hey, Buddy!We've lost sight of you because your charming big brother couldn't take his eyes of me and my amazing-ness.' Frank grinned as he noticed Gerard's bored expression.

'Okay, Okay, I'm pulling over, in front of the services sign.' He heard Mikey sigh.

'Great! I need to use the bathroom so we'll meet you in there; they have a Starbucks anyway...'Frank said before he heard Mikey making excited noises and hanging up.

Frank stared at Gerard with a smirk as he snapped the phone shut. Gerard gave him a puzzled look.

'See, the effect I have on you, Gee?' Frank beamed, showing all his teeth, trying desperately not to laugh. Gerard laughed at his failed attempts to keep astraight face and then they were both laughing, at practically nothing as usual.


After a quick break the service station, they set off, well equipped with snacks and coffee. They drove through the few states separating New Jersey and Ohio until they finally reached their destination when the sun was beginning to sink into the ground. They pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and unloaded the cars, dragging their suitcases and Mikey and Frank carried their guitars. They arrived in the lobby and were greeted by two smiling faces, one of which was framed with a blonde beard, and the other framed with a curly brown afro. Mikey strode over to them.

'Hi, Guys!' He exclaimed and laughed when the blonde guy clapped him on the back. 'Gerard, Frank, this is Bob,' he said pointing to the blonde man. 'And this is Ray.' He introduced the other man with the Afro. They all got talking and seemed to get along really well. Ray was only a little younger than Gerard, by a few months, at the age of 21. Bob was in between all of the 5 men, at 20, while Mikey and Frank were19. After a while, they realised that they hadn't checked in and that they were being eyed by the hotel staff. Mikey went and checked in for them and he came back with 2 keys.

'Me, Bob and Ray are going to share a room, and you and Frank can.' he said to Gerard handing him the key. Gerard felt a strange flutter of excitement in his stomach.

'Why do we have to share?' asked Frank and the flutter subsided.

'To save money maybe?' Mikey said in a sarcastic way, and Frank sighed.

'Oh well, Idon't mind sharing with GeeGee anyway.' He said as he linked his arm through Gerard's and let him up the stairs, this took him by surprise.

'Well, that's worrying...' Ray muttered to Bob and Mikey. Mikey laughed.

'They're always like that, joined at the hip. You'll be lucky to see them apart.'

Mikey was right. When they all came out of their rooms after unpacking for dinner, they headed out of the hotel to catch the bus, Gerard and Frank sat together on the bus, they sat together in the café, they even went to the bathroom at the same time. Ray and Bob were curious about the 2 friends but when they asked Mikey about it, he just said that he couldn’t tell the difference, they were like that at home too.

When they had finished, they decided to walk back the hotel, it was a nice night and it wasn’t that far away. Gerard and Frank walked side by side as usual and Gerard couldn’t help but think strange and disturbing thoughts about his best friend as he watched his eyes dance over the pavement in the moonlight. It was true, Frank did have stunning eyes and the light of the moon made his features look almost angelic. Frank looked up at Gerard and he caught him looking at him. Both quickly turned their heads away. It’s true, he had always thought of Frank as that little bit more of a best friend, but he tried to hide this feeling deep down inside, and although the 2 knew each other inside out, Frank did not seem to pick up on these thoughts that made Gerard’s dyed black hair stand up on end. He desperately wanted to discover if Frank was feeling the same way, but he flicked that thought away, he was always busy making an effort to make himself look “pretty” as he called it, for countless girls that came and went. He heard Mikey say something about Shortcuts from behind him but he was too busy in his forbidden dream world to notice.

Gerard decided to put some humour into the situation and grab a chunk of Frank’s hair and ripped it from his head.
‘Ooooh DNA!’ he said studying the hair, then he ran off down the path, Frank following and laughing in pain, just like what they used to do when they were younger. They passed a street opening and they heard Mikey call from behind.
‘Hey! Where are you going the shortcut’s this way!?’ he called, but they didn’t hear. Mikey frowned as he led Bob and Ray down the street.
‘Guess we’ll see you later then…’ he muttered as he watched his brother and his friend sprint down the street shouting like 5 year olds as the 3 men disappeared down the shortcut-street.

When Frank finally caught up with Gerard, they were far away from the others. Frank lunged and jumped on top of Gerard’s back. Gerard fell to the floor with a loud ‘Ooof.’
‘I’ll be having that back, thank you,’ Frank grabbed his hair back and Gerard laughed as he watched Frank put the bundle of hair up to his head. ‘That’s not gonna work now is it…it wont stick back on.’ He grinned as he climbed off of Gerard, freeing his lungs. He got up.


There it was again, that awkward silence that seemed to be occurring recently. Gerard looked down and brushed of the imaginary dirt off of his leather jacket. Frank looked at him solemnly.
‘You could have thought of another way to get me alone you know…’ he said heavily, all the happiness had gone from his voice, but he smiled nonetheless. Gerard was taken aback, that wasn’t the plan, but it did seem nice to think that Frank enjoyed their time alone.
‘That wasn’t my intention really; I just wanted to be annoying. Role-Reversal.’ He watched Frank’s face fall, but brighten up towards the end of the sentence.
‘Are you saying that I’m the annoying one?’ he asked as his eyebrows raised.
‘In a way…actually…take that as a yes.’ He said, secretly teasing him. A strange longing for Frank to get “annoyed” and wrestle him to the ground like this morning, their bodies so close…

He snapped out of that dream. What is going on with me lately? He thought. All these thoughts building inside him, ready to burst out of his mouth, telling Frank everything inside his head. He had to fight to keep them bottled up in his almost foreign mind. Frank, noticed this sudden change in character as he looked into his eyes to see a far away, and pained look.
‘Gerard, what’s up? Is there something you wanna talk about?’ Frank examined the look on his face. Gerard woke up as Frank’s eyes searched his. Oh, Great. He can see right through me. Gerard realised that he was moving closer to Frank, without meaning to. Frank looked up into Gerard’s pale face as he approached him. For some reason, he closed his eyes. Gerard noticed this and his heart started thumping inside his chest so loud, he was afraid that Frank could hear it. Gerard thought hard about what he should do.
‘You have a bug in your hair, Frankie.’ He said and flicked the imaginary bug from his wavy brown hair and stepped back from him.
‘Thanks,’ he spoke in a quiet voice, and forced himself to smile. His look seemed to break Gerard’s heart. But it seemed to reform as he saw the familiar twinkles come back into Frank’s deep hazel eyes.
‘Do you have any idea where we are?’ Frank asked him, returning to his previous mood.
‘No idea.’ Gerard answered and smirked when he realised they were right next to the street where the hotel was. Gerard pointed up to the high building, the hotel.
‘Well, we better run fast, I’m fucking freezing!’ Frank shouted, then grabbed a lock of hair from Gerard’s head. ‘DNA!’ and with that, he ran off towards the hotel. Gerard sighed, then sprinted after him with a smile.
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