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Part 3

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Part 3 of my Frerard Chemically Romantic...Warning for language and references to...things...

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I dont own any of these characters...this has not and will not happen in real life

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. What is happening to me? Frank thought panicking as he ran through the streets towards the hotel, Gerard not far behind. Its not so childish anymore, this is starting to get serious. I don't know what I'm doing half of the time I'm around him nowadays.He neared the doors of the towering building and swung it open, a few seconds later he heard it close and reopen again. He sprinted up the stairs. I know how this is gonna end. He thought as he galloped up the stairs. Me and him, on the floor, "play fighting". So childish...but I can't help the things I think every time it happens. As he neared the hotel door he remembered that Gerard had the key. /H'oh Shit. /He thought when Gerard appeared at the other end of the corridor, waggling the key in his fingers. He walked slowly towards him until he reached a few feet away when he ran towards him aknocked him down so they were both on the floor, Gerard crushing Frank's body with his own.

As Frank's head hit the floor he uttered a noise which sounded like a mixture between a laugh and a groan. Gerard's heart beat quickened, the noise he just made sounded so delicious, his head clouded with those thoughts again. Frank tried to breathe but couldn't so he rolled over until he was crushing Gerard. They looked into each other's eyes and Frank saw fire burn in Gerard's eyes.

That was when the door of the room next to theirs opened, and Mikey stood at the door. He looked around the corridor then looked down as Gerard and Frank's heads turned towards him.

'For God's sake you 2!' he choked out. 'Do you ever stop climbing on top of each other? And in a hotel corridor as well?!' he stared at them and noticed a difference in them both and his eyebrows rose. Ray appeared behind Mikey in his t-shirt and a pair of striped pyjama bottoms.

'Jeez, you 2. Keep it quiet, Bob's just got to sleep.' He whispered.

'Sorry...' they both muttered, Frank climbed off of Gerard and he took the key from Gerard's hands. 'Goodnight then.' He said. They both nodded as they shut the door to their room.

Frank unlocked the door and threw it open with as much force as possible, angry at himself for what just happened between them and the intense feeling he felt towards his best friend, but that's all they were, best friends. He flicked the keys onto one of the beds and practically ran to the bathroom. Once he was inside, he lent against the door and stayed silent, only to hear Gerard sighing. After that he heard the soft click, then the chiming of metal on metal and Gerard unbuckled his belt. He bit his lip, but jumped as he was greeted with a sharp pain as his silver lip ring stabbed the inside of his mouth. He couldn't possibly emerge from the bathroom now, to be welcomed to the sight of Gerard in his underwear. But he had seen Gerard in his underwear countless times before, he had walked in on him in the shower a few times, and vice-versa, it didn't matter then, so why should they now?

Frank decided to take a shower to calm him down. He removed his jacket and t-shirt, revealing several of the tattoo's on his upper body and arms. He smiled as he noticed his newest and favourite one, which snaked around his stomach, below his belly button, and round to his back. It read Search and Destroy /with 2 doves around the /and /and guns which crossed, at the end of his spine, separating the words /Destroy and /Search/. He sighed as he removed the rest of his clothes and slipped into the shower, thinking about how he was really feeling deep down inside.


Meanwhile, Gerard sat on his bed reading, but then a feeling swept over him. He put his book down. /I really need to use the bathroom. /This would be fine, if he couldn't hear Frank in there, taking a shower. He bit his lip; he emerged from the hotel room, in just his boxers, and put his ear quietly to the door of the room next to theirs. He could here 3 different types of faint snoring. Shit.He thought, his heart was pelting his ribs so much that he thought he would burst. He moved towards the bathroom door and heard the whistle of the shower. He was shaking so much he could hardly find the strength to lift his arm up and tap the door loudly.

'Frank, I gotta use the bathroom!' he shouted through the door.

'Mmmm...I bet you do...' Frank's casual voice came from somewhere through the pat-pat-pat of the water droplets dripping onto his smooth, tanned skin. Gerard's knee's buckled immediately at that thought but angrily smacked himself. Stop being so fucking stupid. 'Well don't just stand outside the door; I don't wanna clean the carpet after you've wet yourself.' He called. Gerard summoned up the courage and opened the door. He was addressed by tendrils of steam emitting from the shower. He tried not to look at Frank's silhouette bouncing off the shower curtain, but he couldn't do it.

/Holy Shit.../he thought.


Fucking Great. I take a shower to calm myself down, then the reason I need calming down, comes walking in here, demanding that he needs the fucking bathroom. He washed the soap off himself and turned the shower off, while Gerard was washing his hands. Oh shit...I need atowel.

'Gee, you think you could get me a towel?' he asked, holding his hand out of the curtain waiting to receive a towel. He took a peak out of the curtain and spotted Gerard rooting through the cupboard for a crisp white towel, in only his boxers. Ahh craaaaaap. Why the hell did I just think of that? A forbidden thought passed through his mind. Gerard passed him the towel and Frank disappeared back into the shower with it, drying his hair, making it messier than usual.

He stopped when he heard maniac giggling coming from somewhere outside the bathroom. What now? He opened the curtain a fraction and heard the bathroom lock clicking...from the outside?! /Oh for fucks sake! /He looked down at where he threw his clothes, they weren't there. /Stupid childish Motherfucker. /But he couldn't help but laugh. He got out of the shower, wrapped the towel round his waist and unlocked the bathroom door, dripping wet. He emerged from the bathroom only to see Gerard holding a bundle of clothes out of the hotel window. Frank laughed.

'Are you mad?'he laughed, but then stopped when he realised something. 'Hey no! Those are my favourite boxers!!!' he lunged forwards and saw Gerard close his eyes, and look of what looked like pain on his face. And then, it happened.


/Oh no.../Gerard closed his eyes and brought the clothes in from the window as he noticed the towel around Frank's waist begin to slip. He opened his eyes again, just in time to see the white towel land at Frank's feet. His eyes started lowering from the face of his horrified best friend, down past the tattoos on his chest and stomach until...

He burst out laughing...

'Well, Hello Mr Iero!' he shrieked, his eyes wide. As soon as he said that he wished he could take it back. What the fuck!? Where did that come from? Frank's horrified face broke into a smile as he reached down and picked the towel up, returning it to his waist.

'He says he likes you too.' He laughed as Gerard tried to keep a straight face, but failed.

'I'm scarred for life now.' He said almost earnestly, his mind was torn from whether he actually was, or if he had enjoyed that little experience, What the fuck!? He thought yet again. What was wrong with him?

'Well it was your fucking fault! You needed the bathroom in the first place!' he shouted, still smiling, but strangely he was shaking. 'Now, can I have my clothes back please?'

Gerard went to give them to him but snatched them away and held them above his head. Frank didn't give up, he lent on Gerard, partially drenching him with his wet hair and body.

'Urgh, you're all wet!' Gerard exclaimed in disgust. Frank laughed and flicked his head in Gerard's direction, soaking him slightly. He stopped and closed his eyes, ruffling his hair. /He's so beautiful. /He thought and he smirked as Frank opened his eyes. No longer did he care what he thought about his best friend, he just wanted him, he wanted him so badly.

'Why are you looking at me like that, Gee?' a smirk erupted on his beautiful face. 'Do you like me with my Sex Hair?' he smiled and bit his lip ring, tempting him even more.

He just wanted to know if he felt the same way as he did. /Fuck it.../He thought, and moved his lips a little closer to Frank's...


Shit, what is he doing? Frank watched as Gerard moved his head closer to his own. Frank closed his eyes and only when he felt Gerard's breath on his face did he pull away.

'I can't do this, Gerard...' To see Gerard's face turn so quickly from a look of excitement to a look of pain, broke his heart. He grabbed his clothes, which Gerard had dropped, threw them by his bed, picked out his bed clothes and rushed into the bathroom and locked the door. He slumped against the door, his head in his hands. Why did he do that? He wanted it so much, but he just couldn't take the pressure. He just needed time to think. He finally hauled himself up from his spot by the door, dried himself properly and changed into the t-shirt and loose trousers that he picked from his draw.

Slowly and quietly, he exited the bathroom into the dark room, he could see Gerard's form lying in his bed, with his back to the door. He walked over to him and leaned over his body.

'Gee, we really need to talk.' He spoke softly. Gerard didn't roll over.

'In the morning.' Came his muffled reply. Frank was desperate; he couldn't take this any more.

'Please, it really can't wait.'

'Goodnight Frank...' he muttered forcefully. Frank had to bite back tears. Why was this so hard? He sighed and went over to his bed and cried himself silently to sleep.

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