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Part 4

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Part 4 of my Frerard Chemically Romantic...Warning for language...

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I dont own these characters...this has not and will not happen in real life...

What the fuck were you thinking?! The tears sped down from his eyes onto his pillow. He should have known Frank would reject him. He was as straight as a line. Gerard remembered the countless times when he had to comfort him when girl after girl broke his heart. He had to listen while Frank cried about how he thought that she was the one.

It's true, he had feelings about him well before he left school, but he thought it was purely just the thrill of finding the perfect best friend. Although when Frank left school, and moved into Gerard's apartment as roommates, he did notice a change in himself, and in his best friend, he always thought it was because they were spending more and more time together,

He rolled over. Through the darkness he could see Frank, led in his bed, taking choking breaths every now and again. Gerard thought he could hear him stifling a laugh, but then realised that he was trying his hardest not to cry out loud. Gerard's eyes filled up with tears; maybe he did feel the same way after all.


He hardly slept a wink. After a few hours he heard the almost familiar sound of Frank's soft snoring and tried to will himself to sleep. His mind kept churning up stupid little stories about their "talk" the next morning. He didn't know what he was going to say. We can only be friends if we promise always to tell each other the truth. A 9 year old Frank spoke inside his head, he remembered. That was after the time when they fell out because Gerard had borrowed Frank's favourite guitar pick, and lost it. Maybe the truth is best. He thought, and ever so slowly drifted off to sleep.


Gerard woke up at the early hour of 7am. He expected Frank to be awake by now, he was the early bird. Then the shocking realisation of last night hit him, he felt nauseous. And hungry. He looked around the hotel room, listening for Frank in the bathroom, or watching the TV in the living area, but everything was silent. Suddenly, he didn't feel so hungry anymore.

He got out of bed, threw some clothes on and ran in the bathroom, attempting to flatten the wispy bits of hair sticking out from his head. He ran round the room, searching for some kind of note left by Frank, telling him where he was going but there was no trace. Gerard started to panic; he grabbed the keys and hurtled out the door, hearing Mikey swear loudly at the coffee machine in his room. He flung himself down the stairs and into the lobby, where he caught sight of Bob sitting and reading a music magazine in one of the hotel sofa's. He looked up when Gerard approached him.

'Hey, Gerard.'He smiled.

'Hi, have you seen Frank around anywhere?' his voice was shaking; Bob must have knew something was up.

'Yea, I saw him down here about an hour ago, why? Is everything okay?' Bob's face looked concerned even though he barely knew the man that he was concerned for.

'Did he say where he was going, what time he'd be back?' he spoke, trying to keep his voice calm, he was afraid that Frank had gone and done something stupid after last nights episode.

'No, he didn't say a thing. I asked him why you weren't with him and he muttered something about needing time alone,' Gerard's eyebrows raised, but Bob didn't notice. 'I just told him to be back here by half 12,' he continued. 'Ray managed to book us in at the Practice Room for a few hours, he wants to find out how good everyone is, you know, show each other what we can do, that type of thing.'

'Okay, I'll make sure I'll be there,' he murmured. 'Do you think I should go and find Frank?' he said, surprised that he was asking a near stranger for advice.

'Nah, leave him,' he answered. 'If he says he wants time alone, I think he should be able to have some...' Gerard had to agree. He needed time to think too.

'Thanks, Bob.'Gerard pulled his features into a false smile.

'Anytime,'Gerard turned to go. 'Oh hey, Gerard!' he called after him. 'Your T-shirts inside out.' He smirked as Gerard looked down at himself and realised. He had put it on in such a hurry he barely noticed. Gerard put his thumbs up to Bob as he began to go back to his magazine. He slowly walked up the stairs and along the corridor to his room, where inside, he fell face down onto the bed, and cried.


I thought you never realised the effect you had on me...he sat on the edge of the bridge, swinging his leg over the shallow river below. I thought it was just a phase, but as time passed by I noticed how well we got on, as something more than just friends. Ididn't know what was happening to me, I felt so scared. A tear began to trickle out of his left eye, then the right, staining each cheek. But now I know what it really is, and I know that you feel exactly the same way about me.He brought his hand, encased by a red and black fingerless glove, up to his cheek and angrily wiped the tears away.

I've never thought of you as an older brother, which would be normal. You're my best friend, but I know I want us to be more than that, because I don't think Icould go on, without you near me, protecting me, watching me fall asleep every night, or not knowing that you've always been the one who makes me smile. He looked down at his watch, 12:10; he'd better be getting back. He jumped down from his place on the bridge. Time to face my fears. /He looked up at the sky, and the promising weather it was producing. /Time to tell Gerard Way, my best friend, that I'm in love with him. /]Another tear sprouted in his eye but he ignored it, and headed back towards the hotel. /


The others didn't have to think to hard about why Gerard walked into the Practice room, with sore and puffy looking eyes, seeing as though Frank stormed in a minute later, and positioned himself next to Ray, across the room from Gerard. After minutes of silence, Ray talked first.

'So...umm...I thought we could start with the guitars today, bass included,' he looked at Mikey. 'Then we can do drums and vocals/lyrics tomorrow, and then we can start on making this work.' He said excitedly. Ray turned to Frank. 'You might need to go get your guitar...' he said, looking almost frightened because Frank looked so angry and upset.

Frank got up and left the room, without saying a word. After he had gone, the others all looked at Gerard.

'What?' he stated, his voice was slightly nasal but it was calming down. He shuffled around in his seat and felt something stabbing him from his pocket. He pulled out the room key. 'He forgot the key...' he said plainly.

'Well go after him then.' Bob spoke, obviously remembering their conversation earlier. Gerard left the room and decided to take the elevator; he hadn't the energy to take the stairs. When he reached his floor, he walked down the corridor, and saw Frank leaning against the door, with his head down, looking purely angelic from Gerard's angle.

'You forgot this...' he said, holding up the key. He walked up to him and dropped the key into his open hand. Frank unlocked the door slowly, and when the door had shut behind them both, Gerard spoke again.

'What the fuck is going on?' he asked, as he watched Frank pick up the heavy and battered guitar case, his back turned to him. 'I wake up; I don't know where the hell you are! You didn't leave me a note or anything, I've been worried all morning,/and /you left your phone here.' He said angrily, Frank still didn't turn.

'Who are you?My Mom?' he said bitterly. 'I just needed some time to clear my head, sort out my feelings, I don't know what the fuck's going on with me anymore.'

He turned around, tears in his eyes. Gerard broke down too and soon they were hugging tightly, comforting each other.

'I didn't know what to do with myself while you were gone.' He said finally, as they broke apart from their embrace. Frank swallowed as breathed a couple of times before saying 6 words that could make or break both of their lives...

'I have something to tell you...' Frank said, and Gerard looked expectant. 'It'll have to wait till after the meeting...we need time to talk...' Gerard nodded, when Frank smiled and helped carry the heavy guitar case down to the Practice room. Both, in much better moods.

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