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Part 5

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Its short but.... Part 5 of my Frerard Chemically Romantic...Warning for language...

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I dont own any of these characters...this has not and will not happen in real life

They didn't speak at all when walked back down towards the practice room. They entered and the others were surprised when Gerard threw himself onto an empty sofa, and Frank did the same, next to him.

'What?' he said, looking to and from each face that was staring at the two of them. Gerard smiled as he looked at Mikey's confused face, this make Frank laugh too. Gerard was a little bit happier since he found out that Frank wanted to talk to him, but he was anxious about what he wanted to tell him. He gathered it was something positive from Frank's expression when he told him.

'Umm, right...'said Ray, deciding to break the silence again. 'Shall I go first then?'Everyone nodded and he grabbed his guitar.

After playing amedley of fantastic guitar solos and amazing riffs, he bowed modestly as everyone clapped him.

'That was amazing,' stammered Mikey.

'Nah, it was nothin',' Ray blushed; he really did want to take this band seriously.

'I s'pose I'll be going next then,' Gerard heard a voice to his left, speak. He couldn't help but think how wonderfully deep Frank's voice was, it made him partially weak for a moment. He watched as Frank plugged his guitar into the Amp socket and strummed a few chords.

After re-tuning his guitar, he started playing a song that he had written years ago, one of his first in fact. It was amazing. Gerard watched as Frank strummed the guitar with so much force, the room seemed to shake. He played with so much energy, and gave his all into every part of the song, swinging his head along to the imaginary beat as a beautiful, but rather heavy rhythm echoed from the Amp. After his performance, he straightened up and smoothed his fringe back down to its usual place over his right eye. Everyone clapped him but Gerard stared in wonder, Frank's eyes seemed to be glowing with a look of passion; He really loved to play guitar.

'Can I just do one more? This one's a bit different; it's slower and has more of a melody than a rhythm,' he said, grabbing a stool from nearby and lowering himself onto it.'I wrote some lyrics to it but they're all shit and gooey and romantic...' his eyes flicked to Gerard for a second. 'Here goes...' He strummed the first chord, then muted the sound. 'Oh and by the way, it's meant for an acoustic guitar, so it probably won't have the same effect...' The others nodded.

Gerard's mouth opened slightly, as he heard the same, bewitching tune that he heard Frank playing every night, sometimes he heard Frank singing along, but he couldn't hear the words clearly. They all seemed to be captured in the enchanting song, and when it came to an end, everyone was stunned as they noticed small, oval tears running down Frank's face, as he looked up and stared Gerard right in his eyes, piercing them, and the sight mirrored on Gerard's face. Bob got up off the sofa, the others did the same. They walked past Frank, patting him on the back, and muttering things like, 'That was amazing...' and 'Great Job...' before leaving the room.

As the soon as the door shut, a wave of cold brushed across them, merging in with the heavy silence. All of a sudden, Frank got up and sat down next to Gerard, putting his head on his shoulder and crying silently. Gerard really didn't know what to do, so he just sat there, like a stone statue, as he slowly felt the shoulder of his t-shirt become wet. Frank's gasps subsided as Gerard tried to hide his emotions by telling himself not to cry. Frank looked up into his eyes, and opened his mouth to speak.

'I wrote that song for someone recently, Gee...' he swiped the tears from his face. 'It's alove song...' Gerard's mind was going hay-wire and his stomach turned with hope.

'Who is it for Frankie?' he whispered. Frank's face moulded into a grin.

'Come with me and you'll find out...'

The next thing he knew, Frank had grabbed his hand, and was dragging him out of the Practice Room and up the stairs, towards their room...

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