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Part 6

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Part 6...the ending...of my Frerard Chemically Romantic...hope you like it and there's a warning for language and other stuff thats kinda adult.

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I dont own any of these characters and this has not and will never happen

As they approached the door to their room, Frank stopped. He pressed his ear towards the door of the room next to theirs. After making sure that there was no-one in there, he searched inside his pockets for their room key. Gerard produced it from his own pocket and unlocked the door slowly, confused about what Frank was planning.

When they were inside, Gerard absent-mindedly kicked off his shoes and kicked them by the door. Frank copied him immediately, then sat down on the sofa.

'Frank, what's going on?' Gerard pleaded for an answer, but only received that same, cheeky look from Frank. 'I thought you wanted to tell me something...' Frank looked up.

'I gotta go to the bathroom,' he said rather quickly. After he disappeared into the bathroom, Gerard positioned himself on his bed with a sigh.

Great. That's exactly where I need him. Frank thought, as he heard Gerard's bed springs crunch. He didn't know how he would go about this, but all he wanted to do was to make sure that Gerard knew exactly who that song was about. He opened the door and emerged into the room, seeing Gerard looking rather confused on the bed. He stood up when Frank approached him.

'Frankie, what is going - ?'

He was cut off by Frank throwing him back on the bed with unintentionally force, not hiding the fact that his hands were shaking uncontrollably. Gerard looked rather overwhelmed as he was thrown on the bed, watching Frank with fire and passion in his eyes. He knew immediately what this was about. Frank leaned over Gerard's body as Gerard began to lie back. He couldn't help but pull Frank on top of him so there chests were touching, both shaking.

A quick look in each others eyes, and the next thing they knew, their lips met with full force, and their hands beginning to rifle through each others hair. It was amazing, but after a while, they broke apart, both panting, their hearts beating ferociously in their chests.

'Is this what you really want, Frankie?' Gerard asked, trying to keep his voice calm, disguising the fact that his insides were churning with delight. Gerard didn't need an answer after Frank pulled his head so their lips crashed again, this time more intimate. Frank urged Gerard to open his lips so his tongue could explore, and finally, he did, granting him his wish.

They closed their eyes and slipped into pure ecstasy. Gerard's hands played with the bottom of Frank's t-shirt, as Frank's sifted through Gerard's thick hair, their tongue's dancing inside each other's mouths.

Frank paused, broke the connection and pulled his t-shirt off, throwing it to the side as Gerard placed his hand on Frank's stomach, tracing the detailed shape of his tattoo there. Their lips met again and Gerard bit Frank's lip, tasting the cool metal of his lip ring as he accidentally bit it, causing it to pierce Frank's lip. He pulled away and slowly removed the ring, tossing it aside, not caring where it landed.

Frank tugged at the hem of Gerard's shirt and he looked at Gerard expectantly; sweat now starting to form at his forehead. Gerard obeyed and slipped his shirt off, then softly planted kisses on Frank's neck. His mouth lingered over the shape of his scorpion tattoo, while Frank ripped off his gloves and his hands travelled over Gerard's bare chest, up to his neck. He whimpered softly as Gerard sucked on the skin at his neck, below his ear, all his worries about Gerard rejecting him scuttled out of his mind.

They stopped for a split second; while Gerard pulled Frank down onto the bed next him, before reversing their previous positions. He pushed his lips onto Frank's while his hands snaked slowly down his best friend's chest and fiddled lightly with Frank's belt buckle. Frank's reaction was immediate. He undid Gerard's belt while Gerard was undoing his and both pairs of jeans were discarded to the floor.

Gerard's fingers outlined Frank's hipbone, his fingers sneaking slightly below the line of his boxers, Frank swore and screamed Gerard's name rather loudly, which caused a lot of shuffling and giggling outside the door, but they didn't care in the slightest, Frank ran his fingers down Gerard's spine, going lower until the word Halloween on Frank's knuckles disappeared below the soft material that was now the only thing that Gerard was wearing.

They each moved their hands to each others hair. Their legs began to entwine as the blood coursed round their body's, drenching them both in each others sweat as their hips crushed together. They both cried each others names into each others mouths as they enjoyed sharing these intense moments with each other.

They faintly noticed the rain pouring outside, despite the sky looking clear earlier that day. Neither of them cared that they had hardly eaten that day nor slept the previous night, their minds were wrapped in each other, glad to finally be together in the way they had both wanted for so long.

After hours of listening to each others voice's speak each others names seductively, leaving burning touches on each others skin and each leaving their visible marks on each other, they pulled apart, wiping their sweat drenched hair out of their eyes, which burned with both passion, and fear.

They led next to each other on Gerard's cosy, hotel, double bed, and their hands coiled round each others. After a moment of shivering, Frank pulled the covers over the top of them both and he positioned his head into Gerard's pale coloured chest, to hear his heartbeat, still beating fast, and to feel the soft rise and fall of his chest as his lungs gasped for oxygen.

Gerard placed his free hand in Frank's hair, ruffling it even more and making some of the long, black locks splay out slightly. Frank raised his head and gazed into his, now, lovers sparkling green eyes, seeing a whole new world inside them. Gerard returned the gaze, deepening it until he felt as if he was surrounded by the violent hazel colour.

'Yes, Gee, this is what I really want...' he said finally, his usually deep voice had turned slightly croaky. Gerard kissed his forehead gently then continued to fiddle with Frank's hair. The rain had subsided somewhat by now, and beams of light pierced through the windows surrounding them. They heard a door slam from far away and jumped, their senses on edge. A moment later their was a muffled knock on their door.

'Umm...guys? We wanted to know if you wanted to join us for dinner.' Mikey's voice echoed through the door.

'No, thanks, Mikey...' came Frank's reply. 'We'll get something later.'

'Okay...if you're sure.' They heard Mikey and the others walk down the corridor chatting.

They both smiled at each other as they realised that everything in their lives was going to be different from now on. They kissed once more, a long, deep kiss that seemed to melt away their surroundings, and both of them knew that finally, they were complete. They continued to kiss as the rain started to pour once more. Their hearts swelled with joy as they embraced each other...

...It was Chemically Romantic...

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