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I set out alone, crawl through the tunnel

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Gerard took a steadied breath; it was slightly cool in the early may air. Kate pulled on a helmet to his right and waited against her bike. Again Gerard took another breath.

"It won't bite," Kate smiled, "it's just a helmet."

There was a small silence between them which Gerard did not brush off. Kate's face slightly dropped; she roughly plunked the helmet on him.

"Look you can drive the bike if you wan-t-."

"Can't drive it," Gerard jetted, cutting across her.

Kate let her shoulders droop; moving back to the seat she shoved her small bag into the large to Gerard's messenger bag.

Most of dance duty had left for the evening, returning home for dinner. Gerard and Kate would pick some up at a diner. The street lamp flickered to life, even though the sun had not set. The chilling air seemed to warm with the hot of the day blowing in from the coast miles away. Kate sighed heavily wondering if Gerard had been such a good idea for the hair dieing trip...did he even like going out. She glanced at him; his eyes watching the flickering lamp; his pale skin showed more of a hermit in this light than ever.

"You don't have to come," she slowly muttered moving over to him.

Gerard looked down into her eyes, she averted them while taking a hold of his helmet. His soft pale hands, warm, but more seemingly looked cold aloft stopped Kate's. He pulled them down to his chest and forced her to stare up to his hazel orbs, throwing her an apology. She hiccuped a smile following closely with red cheeks.

"I want to, I'm just embarrassed...," he paused sighing irritable, "because i couldn't be taking you in a big sports car like ," he paused at the name for affect, " Josh."

Kate scowled at the name.

"Asshole!" she snarled.

"I'm sorry," Gerard muttered offensively.

"Not you," Kate moaned, "Josh," she moved away from Gerard to kick a pebble, "he's being such a dick to any guy I talk to."

Gerard smirked.

"It's not funny," Kate hissed, "He's gonna pick a huge fight with you."

"I'd like to see him try," Gerard mumbled taking a seat on the vespa, "I could take that kid anyday."

"In science maybe," Kate teased, "but he's a fumbling idiot with too much testosterone for his own good."

Gerard laughed hotly.

"Do you think this is a huge joke?" she cried pushing herself against Gerard, "He's going after you with lacrosse and hockey sticks, when he gets the chance," She placed her head against his shoulder, "and all you do is laugh."

The peppermint stung slightly at Gerard's nose; the young girls shampoo caused saliva build in his mouth. Why did he crave the 14 year old so passionately, her looks...seemingly as beautiful as she was, her grades or the fact she talked wiser beyond her years. The passion to hold this girl in his arms, tell her she was wonderful crashed and caved like waves at Gerard. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the forehead.

She pulled away instantly; forcing Gerard flying over the Vespa seat and onto the tarmac behind.

"OH-MI-GIDDY-AUNTY'S-PANTIES!" Kate squealed fumblingly over the Vespa to a unconscious Gerard.

Hey lay cold for a few minutes before opening his eyes. Kate's panting some how took a liking to Gerard, he felt his jeans grow tight as his member slowly stiffed. Kate's leg had managed to work it's way between his thigh; she kneeled over him waiting for the hazel orbs to open.

"Have you broken your back?" Kate jittered as his member binded against the demin brushing Kate's knee, "Can you feel your legs?"

"Yeah, I can feel alot more too," Gerard joked, "why?"

"Well," Kate giggled slightly, "It's just some male victims of spinal t-they," her face flushed several shades of pink; leaning down to his ear and pressing against his pulsing erection she continued, "some males become erect ."

Gerard began to laugh, just as Kate. Together they lay laughing. The buzzing of highway off in a distance couldn't void there laughter.

A large honk interrupted them; Kate pulled Gerard to his feet. Josh was in the parkinglot, his Porsche revving at his command.

"Come on," she whispered loudly, "Lets go."

The bike had revved and skidded out of the parkinglot before Josh could run after them; Gerard flipped him the bird. An array of honks was altered.

"Don't," Kate shot, her frustration overwhelmed her.

They scooted into a mall, taking the underground parking. Kate sat on the bike cutting the ignition. As Gerard slide off, Kate just planted her head onto the bars.

"Why does he like me so much...," she muttered into the echoed lot," I mean," she pulled herself from the bar, her face fallen completely, "He's 18 and still in grade 11, shouldn't he be going for other girl," She pulled off her helmet, "why me?"

Gerard flicked at his chin; his silence was an answer to Kate. She smiled slightly, regaining her composure. She grasped his hand and pulled him into the stairwell; together they climbed the 3 stairs and entered into an air conditioned mall. It was slowly returning to a calm space as the people from earlier cleared out. Kate raced to a salon with Gerard in tow.

"This place has all the great stuff," she huffed excitedly.

Gerard smiled at her; Kate grabbed a box of hair dye, the printing "black night". He laughed at the name.

"We are dark aren't we," Gerard mumbled; Kate elbowed him, "Ow."

"Shut up, you love it."


"Okay I think that about does it," Gerard laughed, "I can't see anymore black."

Kate sneezed as water poured past her face washing the hair. Gerard slipped slightly with his hands trying comb through her hair.

"ARGH!" Kate squealed, "YOUR GETTING ME SOAKED!"

She pulled her hair from the sink; flipping it over her head spraying Gerard completely.


Together the two began to splash eachother; before long the they were both completely soaked. Mikey entered the bathroom on phone hoping to straighten his hair.

"Oh my god, Derek can i call you back," Mikey nodded to the phone and click it off, "What are you doing?"

"Dieing Kate's hair," Gerard smirked.

"Why are you both drenched?"

Kate laughed excitedly; she turned to Gerard holding his hand tightly.

"I'll see you after school on Friday for dance set up."

She turned but Gerard called after her.

"Or tomorrow, I'll walk you."

She smiled and headed for the door. Mikey turned and glared at him for an eternity.

"What?" Gerard stated dumbly, "I will."

Mikey rolled his eyes, turning just as Kate has, he replied in her girlish tone.

"She's like your age!"

Gerard frowned.
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