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Gerard seemingly wants to make things work...why the change of heart?

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The looming pounding of Gerard's hangover seemed the least of his worries. As he lay quite still; his mind was restless. Gerard had been quite sure Kate had seen him with the lovely appearance of "wasted out of his face". His eyes darted to a sketched drawing of Kate he'd sloppily pasted to his bedroom wall. Mikey gave a small knock to his bedroom door.

"Yeah?" Gerard stated.

"How are you feeling?" Mikey asked holding his breath, "You still going to dance duty?"

Gerard sat slowly, his world spinning quickly.

"I suppose," he managed to muster.

Dressing quickly he practically ran to the school, why he was running he wasn't even sure of. The committee was already moving into the multipurpose room when Gerard caught up with them.

"Gerard," Barkley's booming voice pierced, "Glad to see you showed up."

Kate flashed her face to him, there eyes caught and Gerard mouthed /I'm sorry/. Kate smiled earning Gerard her forgiveness. They sat together for a brief moment before being assigned to painting, funnily enough the twilight snack bar.

It was awkward at first, the two didn't say a word. They finished the base color when finally Gerard chipped in.

"I'm sorry you had to see me like that," he muttered.

"I'm sorry you had to drink because of me," Kate smiled, "guess I'm that bad."

Gerard grabbed her wrist quickly; her gasp causing him to look away. She lightly pulled from his gripped.

"Don't say stuff like that," Gerard mumbled, "I didn't do it cause i don't like you...because i do."

Kate blushed, th red rising high into her cheek bones. Her brush seemed to dip lightly to a pale coat, She brushed lightly on the canvas. Gerard took her hand pushing it harder into the backdrop and curving the stroke. Kate looked over her shoulder smiling, for the first time Gerard showed her his real smile, all honestly pulling through.

"What are you doing after this?" Kate smiled, "i want to dye my hair black," she touched out and took a strand of Gerard's hair into her hands.

"Is that an offer?" he replied.

Kate nodded glancing over to Barkley's glaring eyes; Gerard looked over too. His hand squeezed tightly upon Kate's.

"It's a date."
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