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It's Cold, so roll the window and lets get out of here.

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title from the song 12:34 by the set. Gerard Skips Tuesday.

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It was 6:34 when Gerard stretched awake. His mind racing with thoughts of Kate. At 17 he felt more conflicted then ever. Gerard looked to his mirror; sprawled with sketches. He sighed heavily looking down to his already dressed self. Mikey stirred from the room next door.



Mikey appeared squinted eyes and messed hair, his glasses lay back in his room. His lanky figure with caved stomach slanted, still stuck in sleep mode. He yawned loudly waiting for Gerard's explanation.

"I'm not going to school today...," Gerard mumbled.

"Gerard," Mikey began, "you can't solve your problems with the King Eddy."

Gerard scoffed, standing to meet his taller brother. He stared into the same hazel eyes, he himself possessed.

"What do you know, your 14."

"And your still underage."

"Well thanks dad," Gerard growled pushing passed him.

"Gerard please!" Mikey begged running after him.

Gerard grabbed his brother roughly pushing him to the wall.

"You gonna squeal? Go now," he hissed, Mikey shook his head, "then be a good little brother and tell mom I'm sick."

Mikey squirmed away from his brother's grasp, holding his shoulder gentle as to cradle it.

"You've used that to much this year."

"Do it!" Gerard snarled.


He sat rocking with the motion of the city bus as it made its way to the Newark ferry dock. He stared at the floor while others sat away from him, afraid of his punk rock look. He heard whispers, but none he cared for. The speaker came on in it's crackle voice announcing Newark Ferry Dock. Gerard stood, his black messenger bag at his side, his heavy make up and all the stares of fear to follow.

"Overcast day to be visiting New York sonny," the bus driver retorted.

Gerard looked to him, his eyes castrating storms of there own. The bus driver turned his attention away.

"A perfect Day," Gerard muttered under his breath.

The ferry ride was short as Gerard found an empty bench to sprawl out on and sleep the the 30 minute ride, as the sea was becoming slightly rough.

He stepped off into his second bus ride at the front doors of the King Eddy. Already smelling the achohal whithering from inside to the outside. Gerard ventured inside, and did not venture back out till late evening, his dinner time.

At 10:30pm he stumbled in, his brother helping him to his bed. Kate saw from a distance when Gerard ventured up the walk of his house, she now was walking home with tears slightly welling in her eyes.
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