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I have to protect you from myself

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Kate gets pushy

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She sat down preoccupied with following Barkley's quick chatter. As Kate strained to listen to the senior student Gerard, stared at her. Kate's pulled ponytail hair long and slightly strung in ringlets. From her hair and side sweep bangs much like his own, Gerard looked to her pursed lips glowing in a light shade of pink. Even in her monogamous blazer she seemed to stand out, -yes this three year younger girl stood out to Gerard-. Kate slowly turned; looking to Gerard watching his face go red as he'd been caught.

"Hi," she whispered.

"H-," Gerard got caught on the first letter he swallowed hard turning away from her.

"Gerard!" Barkley barked.

Gerard turned quickly, slightly startled.

"You're satanic; what do you think of a twilight zone for the snack bar?"

Gerard opened his mouth, trying to speak with his hands. Kate smirked pulling her face downwards to hide it. Barkley stood, staring at the flustered boy.


"Um, well yeah," Gerard regained composure, "you'd definitely need to mix green into black paint but having it span out," He quickly sketched, "it would make an interesting transition to the early summer colours being used in the gym."

He held his drawing sprawled over trig notes; Barkley took the sketch from his hands, looking into it deeply. The rest of the committee looked over his design agreeing with the layout.

"Looks like it's settled," Barkley began, "I'll put in our order for paint's and decorations, demised until Wednesday."

Chairs squeaked and chaffed at the floor as everyone stood leaving for the day. Gerard stood slowly pulling his blazer off; hanging it over his arm, he was stopped by Kate at the door.

"Hey," He mumbled.

"Hi," she replied holding a small smile, "wanna ride home?"

"You can't drive."

"No," her smile grew wider, "but my bike has room."

"I won't fit your bicycle, have you seen the size of me lately?" Gerard muttered moving past Kate.

Kate took a hold of Gerard's arm, stopping him in place almost wrenching him back to her.

"It's a Vespa."

Gerard looked down blowing air out of his mouth, letting it roll over his lips. He kind of wanted to be alone to think about dating her. She was Mikey's age, and his brother was still a baby in his mind. Gerard looked up at Kate, moving close to her almost pressing his body against hers... roughly.

"G-Gerard," she shivered.

"I'm gonna walked," he hissed protectively to her.

Kate nodded as he past her with no constraints this time, he turned to look at her one more time before leaving.
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