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Who's the replacement?

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"You made Dance," Toro spoke slowly.

"No," Gerard jetted, "I didn't make it, I was placed on it; huge difference."

"Yeah," Frank scoffed rolling his eyes, "huge."

Gerard glared hotly at Frank's back, Mikey stepped in.

"It's still a phoneme."

"Mikey," Gerard stared but stopped, his eyes wondered elsewhere.

Kate stood talking to her friends biting small at an apple. Gerard watched her; she seemed so content in the conversation. Toro followed his glance as did Mikey. Frank looked to Toro, confused till he followed the direction of his narrowed eyes. They all sat; watching her. She stopped eating; her eyes slowly moved and came halted at Gerard's direction. The two waved nervously and then she was gone, vanished into the building.

"Wow," Frank mused.

Gerard turned to give him a look, but his entire friend circle was staring at him.

"What?" He snapped.

Toro looked to his lunch; Mikey nosing diving into a comic book. Frank played dumb letting food fall from his jarred mouth.

"That's disgusting Frank," Gerard muttered looking to his sandwich.

"Is it?" Frank asked as more food sprayed from his jaws.


Frank took another bite and let it sit in his mouth dangerously close from dropping to his lap. Gerard rolled his eyes and looked back to where Kate stood moments ago, sighing.

"You should have talked to her," Frank said after a while, "Maybe a hello?"

Gerard turned and looked at him, Frank narrowed his eyes
"Hello and then what?" Gerard asked gripping his sandwich tightly.

"You could ask her to the dance," Mikey interjected, "you are planning it."

"Oh god," Gerard mumbled placing a hand to his forehead, "don't remind me."

The group went silent.

"Or," Toro mustered, "you could ask her for a coffee date."

A hand collided with his face.

"OW...GERARD!" Toro squealed.

"Would you guys leave me alone!?" Gerard shouted; he was up on his feet.

He stormed off leaving entrails of a fresh battle, Frank shivered.

"Wow you weren't kidding Mikey," He began, "Gerard does think everything is a joke."


The East End multipurpose room was fairly vacant only with Dance Duty occupying it. Gerard found a seat at the end of a table, he was not about to involve himself.

"Okay since I'm Grade 12 I'll take attendance," Barkley stated taking a sheet to her attention roughly.

Gerard groaned, he'd forgotten his sketch pad in his locker. Kicking himself for grabbing math notes instead of his drawings. The door opened loudly and Gerard's attention was guided to the entering person.

"Um," The female's voice began, "Rodger can't do it he's on a swimming exchange."

Gerard strained to look over the shoulder of a large beefy David Collins.

"Are you his replacement?" Barkley asked lips pursed tightly.

"Yes," She answered.


"Kate --."

"I don't care much about last names, sit down."

Kate obeyed sitting next to the only vacant seat, a seat next to Gerard.
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