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First Day High

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A group of friends that are trouble makers in high school.

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Angel's POV

The alarm went off with Gerard's voice in it because I let him put an alarm for it.


I literally fell of my bed. 'I am gonna kill Gerard for putting that as my alarm' I thought while taking a shower.

I put on some grey jeans with ripped knees and a Metallica shirt.

My cell rang to the beat of YMCA. Again Gerard picked that as a ring tone.

Me: Hello??
Gerard: So how do you like your ringtone and your alarm??
Me: I swear I'm gonna get revenge.
Gerard: Oooh I'm soo scared!!
Me: Argh you'll see!!
We hung up.

Oh yes I had revenge alright. I got a waterballoon and filled it up. And just to be nice I brought a towel and my oversized black skull shirt for Gerard to change into.

I headed off to the bus stop while grabbing a vegan muffin. Yes I am vegatarian.

I headed for the shortcut behind the trees.

There's Gerard just standing there at the bus stop not expecting anything at all.

I hid behind a tree near him and threw the balloon aiming for his shirt so his pants won't get wet.

"OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!!?" He said looking around.

I came laughing soo hard.

"What was that for!!" He said yelling at me.

"THIS!!" I said showing him my bruise when I fell off my bed.

I handed him towel and shirt, "Hey I was nice now go change behind the trees before I take that from you!!"

Gerard ran into the trees changed quickly wiping his hair to dry it off.

He came back looking angry.

"Aww I'm sorry Gee! I didn't mean to make you mad!!" I said hugging him.

"It's okay let's go sit on the swings to wait for Frank, Bob, and Ray"

"Okayy! So uhh what about Mikey??"

"Oh he's riding with Kellie and Megan"


Frank was walking by.

"HEY FRANK!!" I yelled trying to get his attention.

He just seemed to look around to see where the noise came from.

Gerard just started laughing.

"Shh" I started walking behind the trees to scare Frank.

"BOO!!" I said jumping at him.

Frank started screaming with little gaps for breaths for 10 minutes.

Gerard came over and we just stared at Frank while he screamed.

Frank's POV

"OMG ANGEL DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!" I said. Yes I get scared easily.

Gerard and Angel started laughing til they had tears and I pouted.

The bus came and I sat next to Gerard, Angel with Bob, Ray with Mikey, Megan with Kellie.

We arrived at the school campus.

Kellie's POV

"OKAY OMG GUYS GUESS WHAT!!!" I said jumping up and down for their suprise.

"WHAT?!?!" They said in unison.


"OMG AFI!! That Jade is one cute lil monkey!!" Angel said squeeing.

"Okay fine you take Jade I CALL WIL FROM AIDEN!!" Megan said.

"NO I WANT HIM!" I said argueing.

"Fine we'll share!" Megan said and we agreed.

The school bell rang.
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