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Yeahh Gerard and Kellie are being a couple of troublemakers in class. And just textmessage in detetntion.

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The school bell rang.

Angel's POV

"WOOHOO I GOT PE!!" I said jumping.

"OH ME TOO!" Kellie said.

"YAY ME THREE!!" Frank said.

"Ehem" Kellie said tapping her foot on the ground glaring at Frank.

"Argh fine!"

"YAY!" Kellie jumped onto Frank's back as usual.

We all head to PE.

"Okayy well I have Science!" Megan said.

"Yea same here!" Gerard said.

"Me too" Mikey said.

"We're off to English" Bob said gesturing Ray to follow him because Ray had the same subject.

Science Class.

Gerard's POV

"Oh yay we dissect frogs today!" I said all happy and what not.

Mikey and Megan: >.< Bleckk.

"Haha get use to it!" I said sitting at a table for partners of 3.

The teacher passed frogs.

I found a little brown fuzz on the table. I stuck it on the frog's head.

"Hehe guys look it's RAY TORO!" I said kind of loud.

"Mr. Way! Do you have something to share with us??" The teacher said glaring at me.

"Noo.." I said slouching.

"Don't play with the frogs Mr. Way!! sticking little fuzzballs on their..heads.." He said picking off the fuzz.

There was snickering in the classrooms.

"Do you all want detention too???!!" The teacher said saying in an angry voice.

"Lay off will ya?" I said whispering to Megan and Mikey.

"THAT'S IT MR. WAY! DETENTION!" The teacher yelled at me.

After that incident we kept quiet through the whole class and proceeded to our dissecting.

PE time.

Kellie's POV

"YAY PE!!" I said jumping kicking balls and screaming.

"WOOHOO SCORE!!!" Frank said shooting a hoop.

"Hahha!! Nicee!!" I said jumping onto his back.

"AHH MANIAC ON THE LOOSE!" He said running around.

We both fell down laughing.

The teacher came over stomping.

"Oooh you in troouble Fraank" I said and Megan was watching and I can tell she was snickering. I glared at her.

"Kellie! DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!! You could have hurt poor little Frank!" the teacher said helping Frank up. He look at me with that "Oooh you in trouble" face.

I glanced at Megan she was jump roping looking over here with the "What happened?" face.

"Okay I'm sorry..." I said looking down.

"Don't be sorry just pay back." She said mad.

"I have 20 in my wallet at home." I said trying to be funny.

"You know what I mean Kellie!" She said glaring at me.

I nodded slowly. And she pointed for me to sit on the stage while I watched the kids play.

Frank told Megan everything. She mouthed 'I'm sorry'. I mouthed back 'It's okay'.


(Still Kellie's part)

Gerard came in too.

We always had our cellphones with us so we textmessaged. The teacher didn't care he was sleeping.


Me: What happened?
Gee: I made a Toro expression of the frog.
Me: LOL!
Gee: Yeahh..
Me: Gerard you're a weirdo!
Gee: Oh yeahh well you're uh uh..CHICKEN!
Me: Dude I'm vegan stupid!
Gee: MEANIE! =/
Me: throws waterballoon Good times good times...
Gee: Don't even remind me..Or else I'll make your alarm worse!
Me: Man oh yeah I need to change that!

After that textmessage the bell rang and we rushed out to go home.
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