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Gerard tried to get revenge from Angel but failed. So they head to the mall to buy clothes for an Aiden and AFI concert.

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Megan's POV

I headed toward my locker and got my books.

Kellie and Angel came by.

"Heyy guys where's Mikey, Gerard, Frank, Ray, and Bob??" I said.

"I don't know..." Kellie said.

"Hmm I think I do.." Angel said looking around.

"Shhh" She gestured her to follow them.

We went out the back toward the bushes beside the front door.

There they were squatting behind the bushes holding red jelly substance filled balloons.

I said quietly, "At the count of 3 scare the shit out of them...1...2....THREE"

We jumped at them and telled BOO!

They screamed at the top of their lungs and the balloon came crashing right on top of them.

And of course Frank kept screaming for about..5 minutes maybe?

We just kept on laughing.


We headed toward the bus.

Kellie's POV

We all sat at the end of the bus and Mikey and Gerard sat in front of us.

"So I was thinking let's head to the mall and get some clothes for the Aiden and AFI concert" I said trying to start a conversation.

"Sure" They all agreed.

We went to the Way's house and waited for them to change.

"Okay let's go" Gerard said going to his car and he drove.

We all headed toward Hot Topic.

My dad was the co-owner of the store so when we buy 5 items they're free and the rest 75% off.

"Oooh I looove this!" I said grabbing an elbow-length black gir shirt with a hood and some black jeans.

We all got our stuff and payed. I had to type in my dad's code to verify I'm his daughter.

"Man Kellie you're such a little rich girl!!" Frank said while I jumped on his back.

Well this group has 8 distinct personalities.

Me- The Rich Girl
Megan- Sporty
Angel- The joker
Frank- The energetic one
Gerard- The artist
Mikey- The quiet one and the one you go to when your depressed or have problems
Ray- Smartie pants
Bob- The muscle

I have this secret family on my dad's side that NO ONE knows about except me of course.

My mom's family have jobs that are related to medical stuff.

"Oh guys guess what I have!" I said smiling can't waiting for the suprise at the concert so I just told them.

"WHAT?!?!" They all said anxiously.

"I got backstage passes for both AFI and Aiden!" I said with a HUGE grin.

"OMGOMGOMG!! I'M GONNA MEET JADE PUGET!!!" Angel said almost nearly fainting.

"Woahh there Angel wait til we get home!" I said catching her when she almost fell.

But that's not all I have in mind...

Frank's birthday was the weekend before the concert and I had a special suprise for him...
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