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Fancy Hotel

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So there was no school for the week. Courtney had a treat for them all for 3 days.

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Kellie's POV

It was almost Frank's birthday. It was this weekend.

I was soo excited what to give him!

This week we had no school so I had plans for the crew.

I reserved a very fancy hotel for the 8 of us in California for 3 days.

I picked them up from my stretch limo. Yes it is MY stretch limo thank you very much.

I called Gerard's house because we met up there.

"Hello?? Gerard go outside I have plans for this week!!!" I said talking on the phone and hanged up.

They came outside and dressed up nicely like I told them to night before.

They admired my limo and I rolled down the window and yelled, "COME ON HURRY!!! IT'S LIKE AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES AWAY!!"

I rolled back up the window and they came speed walking.

"Okay Kellie remember how I said you were rich when we bought clothes for the concert? Yeah you are REALLY rich!!" Frank said sitting down next to me and I sat on him.

After ten minutes I got off Frank he said his legs were numb.

We all partied in the limo. cranked up music, and had some breakfast.

Finally we got to the hotel I told the lady that my mom's sister's best friend was a manager here so we got like in for free.

"Oh you just know everyone in the whole world don't you Courtney??" Gerard said sarcastically getting in the elavator we're in while Mikey, Bob, and Ray take a different one because they have the luggage.

We got to the room. And oh no it wasn't your everyday hotel room where just have about 2 beds.

Like I said this was a very fancy hotel a very BIG hotel. The room was like a very, very, very, VERY fancy apartment with 3 bathrooms, and like 2 rooms. Boys and girls room.

"OMG KELLIE I LOVE YOU!!!" Frank said hugging me. I hugged him back.

And everyone started making comment on how nice it was and how awesome I am.

After about 15 minutes admiration of the room Megan said

"Hey Kellie is there a basketball court here?"

"Oh yeah there's 2 one for girls and one for boys. You can tell which is which because there's like always people in it. They also have matches" I said

"OH YAY!!" Megan said running to the bathroom and changed and then ran out of the room grabbing the key to go to the court.

It was like 2:00 by the time we got settled.

"Wanna head to the boutique to buy stuff? My treat" I said smiling.

They all agreed.

The boutique was pretty big. It had all different sections for different personalities. It came from prep to punk rockers and high heels to converse.

We all head to Hot Topic and this wasn't no ordinary things you see at your regular store at Hot Topic. Nope.

This store had all the rare things from the most greatest concert merch to the most rarest of the rare you can ever find.

Here my discount was different. We got to have 5 free stuff for each friend I had and the rest 75% percent off.

We also bought shoes but since my mom's sister's best friend's is manager we all get 2 free pairs.

Our hands were full of shopping bags.

"Kellie I seriously love you!" Frank said smiling.

We all laughed.

Is he really serious?? I mean I really like him too..but I didn't know he had feelings. Noo he probably just liked me ever since he found out I was rich and stuff. Maybe he doesn't?? I just kept asking questions in my thoughts about Frank all day.

It was now 5:00 pm.

"So Angel, Megan do you wanna get our hair done and nails and what not? Because I have reservations at a very expensive restaurant here." I said.

They nodded. Of course I called the front desk for some stylist for the boys.

We were all back looking pretty as ever!

" you look...amazing" Frank said smiling and I just blushed.
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