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Pete's House

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Katie goes to Pete's house.

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Katie's POV

I rang Pete's doorbell thinking 'what am I doing here?', anyways, his house was pretty nice...


He answered the door and smiled.

"Hi." I said, trying to hold back my urge to strangle him.

"So, we can go to my room and get started.

"Sound's good." I gritted my teeth.

I then followed him up to his room. Eh, his room wasn't bad, for a boy.

About half-way through, Kara called me.


"Who is it?"


"So?" He sounded confused.

I decided to ignore the call. It was going to take a while to explain this to Pete.

"You remember Kara right?"

"That girl who was obsessing over my hair?" He tugged on his bangs a little.

"Yep. So she kinda sorta really likes you." I blurted.

"She's hot."

I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah so she's really stand-offish when it comes to guys, so she probably think we're dating or something."

"OOOhh..." He still sounded confused.

We talked alot, and for some strange reason soccer came up.

"Are you any good at soccer?"

"I'm okay..."

"I mean, do you think you could beat me?"


"Well, how would you know?"

"Are you challenging me?"

"One-on-one?" He smiled.


His backyard was HUGE. There were two soccer nets, one at each end.

"I'll let you kick off first." He said, tossing me the ball.

"If you insist."

I took a step back, and kicked. The ball soared across his yard, landing smack dab in the center of the goal.

Pete's mouth hung open as he stared at me.

"You're turn." I smiled.

He kicked, the ran after the ball. I tried to block his as he passed. He must've been pretty strong because he tacked me, bringing us both to the ground. We panted, trying to catch our breath.

"There's no tackling in soccer!!"

"There is the way I play it."

Wait...was I flirting? I quickly sat up.

"What time is it?"

"Uh...5:30. Why?"

"I have to go, bye."

I got up and ran.
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