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The Makeover

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Patrick get's makeover to impress a certion someone...

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Katie's POV


"Katie, I have to tell you something."

Patrick came and sat by me.

"Sure, as long as it's not that you're really a girl."

"It's not." He laughed.

"Okay, tell me then."

"Never mind."

"You have to tell me's the rule."

"What rule?"

"My rule. Now tell."

"I like you're friend." He said, quietly.

"Which friend..."

"Olivia." He put his head down and continued. "And I was wondering if you could ask her out for me."

Shit. Olivia's so picky about guys!!

"'Oh yeah, Olivia..."

Then, the most brilliant idea popped into my head.

"Patrick, would you be willing to change you're look a tad?"

"Would it make her like me?"


"Then yes."

I mean, all he really needed was a trip to Hollister and a new hair-do, right?


"You know, you're really good a soccer." Pete whispered in my ear.


"So, wanna play some one-on-noe after school?"

"I can't. I busy."


"Whatever." I din't have an exuse this time, and part of me wanted to go.

-After School-

I met Patrick at the mall. I had changed my mind, we had some MAJOR work to do. We would first go to Hollister, then Foot Locker and finally the Puma store. Then we would go to my hairdresser...

-The next Day, Lunch-

"Ehmagawd, whos that?" Olivia squealed, pointing at Patrick.

"Oh, that's patrick." I smirked.

"Him? In the green hat?"


"He's so...hawt."

"Not really." Kara said, sounding bored.

He walked by, just as I'd told him to and winked at her.

"Ehmagawd!! Did you see that?! he winked! At me!!!" She screamed.


Bare with me, I kinda had writers block at the beginning...
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