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Pete and Katie play soccer and Pete expresses his, what's the word...feelings for someone...

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Katie's POV

Clouds filled the sky as I walked onto the soccer field behind our school.

Pete met me there a few minutes later.

"I'll let you kick off first." I said, smirking.

"Haha, you're so funny." He said, sarcasticaly.

We played for awhile, then it started raining. But pete wouldn't quit (I think it was because he was losing...), but whatever.

He was going for a goal when he hit a patch of mud and slipped.

"Pete? Are you okay?"

I ran and knelt over him.



I stood up, and slipped. We both layed there, laughing hiserically.

Suddenly, Pete stopped, his face becoming serious. He rolled over ontop of me,so our faces were a few inches apart. He leaned down and kissed me. It was amazing. My first kiss.

When we broke apart, I regained my breath and controlled my thoughts.

Wait...Pete? Pete Wentz, the guy I've hated since kindergarden kissed me?

"Pete..." I said, as I pushed him off me and stood up.

"Yeah?" He breathed.

When I didn't answer and started to walk away, he stood up.


I started running so he wouldn't chase me.
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