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Big ambitions, high expectations and a really rich, powerful uncle that can make it all come true. A Financial major wasn't what she expected to have, but her uncle who has been taking care of her ever since the age of 5 when her parents passed away in a terrible car crash, needed a financial advisor for his big companies. She wasn't an ordinary girl, to settle down with normal stuff, a bee queen in kindergarten, the jokes cracker in elementary school, and that adventurous fun girl that everyone wanted to sit on the same table with on lunch break. Her name is Lynn, and as I already said, financial advisor for companies sounded quite boring for her...

Lynn (knocking on the office door then coming in): "Uncle Stan? Are you busy?"
Stan: "here's my favorite girl! come on in sweetie, I'm so proud of you! I was just thinking of the arrangements I'm going to make to get you started on that amazing job I set for you in one of my biggest companies."
Lynn: "Yeah, about that, I've been meaning to talk to you..."
Stan: "What is it pumpkin ?"
Lynn took a deep breath, she knew how disappointed he will be when she tells him that she doesn't want to be stuck in a regular job in one of those companies, she had to say what was on her mind though: "I don't think I can do it"
Stan: "What? what are you talking about?"
Lynn took another deep breath and said: " You know, the whole business woman thingy, that's just not me"
Stan: "Wait a minute, you mean you don't want to work with me?"
Lynn: "I'm sorry"
Stan: "But that's what you are meant to do! What do you think majoring in finance will get you other than business sweetie"
Lynn: "I don't know uncle, I just won't be happy working this way, that is too normal, too boring for me, I can't be locked in a room all day long, and do that same thing over and over again!"
Stan was a really sweet person, he didn't have any kids, nor a wife, he focused on his work all of his life and, well, Lynn. He loved her as if she was his own daughter, he was able to understand what she wanted so he said: " Ok sweetie, I understand, I'll see what I can do for you."
Lynn was shocked! she couldn't believe what she had just heard: " You mean you are not mad at me? not disappointed?"
Stan: "Well, I'm a little disappointed because you don't want to turn out to be like your old uncle Stan, but who would want to anyways, so I'll check all my contacts and see if I can get you into something that is more...YOU!"
Lynn was so happy, it was like a big burden that was suddenly out of her, she felt finally free, as if nothing can get in her way! she jumped into her uncles arms and said: "Thank you uncle so much! You are my favorite uncle EVER!" Her uncle smiled, then she kissed him on the cheeks and ran outside to the hall where she could call her friends and tell them that this fun Lynn they knew, won't quit her adventures to settle down in a small lifeless office!

The next day, Lynn wakes up at the sound of her "Welcome To The Black Parade" ringtone, she held her phone, looked at the caller ID, eyes half open, it was her uncle calling from the office, she answered: "Uncle?"
Stan: "Guess what your favorite uncle has for you?"
Lynn: "What is it uncle?"
Stan: "After several phone calls and contacting this famous one and that other, I was finally able to get you a job in a company that is not mine!"
Lynn stretched in bed and said: "uncle is that what you thought I wanted? to work in another one of those companies?"
Stan: "No! this is huge, now listen, it's not final yet, but it's 85% yours! Are you ready for this? You...Are going to be...The financial advisor..."
Lynn: "Oh great, another financial advising job for companies"
Stan: "Let me finish, the financial advisor for your favorite band...What is it called again? The Chemistry Romance?"
Lynn couldn't believe what she had just heard!! Her eyes opened wide and she jumped off the bed! Even though he said the name completely wrong but that didn't matter, she knew it was My Chemical Romance, happiness just striked her, she couldn't believe it, she started to scream! then she said: "Uncle are you for real? I am going to be working with My Chemical Romance?"
Stan: "Yes dear"
Lynn: "And you are fine with it? I mean I'll be away from home, I will be like travelling from a country to another!! OH MY GOD I WILL BE TOURING WITH THEM!!"
Stan: "Well, I suppose, as long as you're happy."
Lynn: "That's like the best news I've ever heard in my entire life!! I can't believe this is happening! You are awesome!"
Stan laughed then he said: "Ok now, I'm going to hang up, I have some business I need to deal with, I'll call you back later for more details Ok?"
Lynn said in a high excitment tone: "Ok, SURE! This is AMAZING!! Bye uncle!"

3 hours later, Lynn was sitting with her best friend Karen telling her everything, Karen was a huge fan of My Chemical Romance too, she was over excited for Lynn that she couldn't help but scream every 5 minutes!
Lynn's cellphone rings again, Lynn looks at it and shouts: "THAT'S UNCLE STAN!!" then she answered in a really high tone filled with joy and excitment:" YES? YES? WHAT'S THE DETAILS TELL ME!"
Stan: "I'm sorry pumpkin, someone else beat you to the job, you didn't get it!"
Lynn felt a sudden rush of sad feelings filled with disappointment, it killed all the excitment in her, she lowered her tone a lot, and said: "What? no! Oh no!"
Stan: "I really fooled you didn't I! Uncle Stan wouldn't let that happen now would I?! You better start packing! You have an early flight tomorrow! The manager will be meeting you at the airport as soon as you get there, I know him very well, so no need to worry!"
At first Lynn was like she had just woken up from a really bad nightmare, and as she realised she was still going to work with them, she started yelling and screaming! She even forgot to say anything back to her uncle as Karen started screaming and jumping around with her!
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