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Meeting The Band

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The next morning, it all went fast, all the bagages were set, Stan was at the front door, chauffeur waiting in the car, Lynn hadn't slept all night, she didn't feel tired nor sleepy out of excitment.
She had said good bye to all her friends, to the maids in the house, to every room of the house, and then, it was time for her to be set free as she gave a big hug to her uncle, she had tears running down her cheeks, he was always there for her and always made sure she had everything she ever wanted. As she got in the car, waving goodbye to her uncle, she was being driven to the airport.

Nothing much happened at the airport, she started to feel the lack of sleep after buying ticket, bagages check, waiting for flight call, ticket check, walking through that long hall then getting in the plane where she fell asleep all the way to the destined place.

As she got there, having gained all the energy needed to make her heart beat really, really fast. She was a strong girl, but in cases like these, who wouldn't freak out! She was a couple of minutes away from meeting the band's manager.
As she got off the plane, she looked around, strangers everywhere, new faces, she felt a little weird, as if she was all alone in this world, she couldn't see anyone calling for her, she was afraid some mistake might have happened, but then, she felt an arm on her shoulder, she turned around to see this familiar looking face, smiling to her, it was a man, she frowned at first since she took him as one of those other strangers, then he said: "Hey, you must be Lynn, Stanly's your uncle right?" she said: "Yes, that's me!" then the man said: "I'm Brian Schecter, the band's manager, I have been to Stanly's place before, I've seen you there, that's how I recognized you". That's when she got it, she was reliefed. Then Brian led her to the car that was waiting for them. As they got in, Lynn said: "So what now?"
Brian: "Well, now, we are heading to the studio, you have some files and paper works there, it's a good opportunity to meet the members too, everybody is there."
Lynn got excited again, she had her favorite outfit on for that special day when she meets the band members! she started thinking of what she should say to them when they meet, and of how everything will go. Her chain of thoughts was interrupted by the sound of Brian again.
Brian: "Did your uncle tell you why we needed a financial advisor so badly?"
Lynn: "Actually, he just said you simply wanted one."
Brian: "The truth is that we were going through rough times lately, money is being spent so irrationally that if it carried on this way, it might cost us a lot!
Lynn: "I see, don't worry about that, I'll study the expenses made and to be made, and discuss it all with everyone"
Brian: "That's the spirit! You do realise you need to be there with us wherever we are, like going with us on tours, in video shoots and all"
Lynn: "Ofcourse, that will be my pleasure, after all, My Chemical Romance has done a lot for me through the music!"
As she had finished her sentence, the car stopped and they were in front of the studio, the studio where it all happens, all the creativity and artwork! She was so excited her heart started beating faster and faster as they got closer to the door.
When they got in, she was so overwhelmed with emotions, they were all there, she was a few steps away from her idols! They didn't notice her right away ofcourse, as Gerard was busy drawing, Frank arguing with Bob and Ray reviewing notes with Mikey.
Brian said loudly: "Listen up everybody! We have a new member joining the team!"
Everyone turned towards Brian and Lynn next to him, she felt as if she was going to faint, they were looking at her! she didn't know what do to, whether to wave or say hello, gestures as simple as those made her confused.
Brian then said: "She's the most needed now, our new financial advisor!"
Lynn just had to do something! she couldn't just stand still! so she said: "Hey guys!"
Mikey waved with a smile on his face.
Ray walked over to her shook hands with her and said: "Welcome to the team"
Lynn: "Thank you!"
Frank then said: "Hey, I'm Frank, he's Bob, that's Mikey..."
Lynn interrupted saying: "Oh I know who you guys are! Who wouldn't know the famous My Chemical Romance members!"
Frank then smiled and said: "Even a business dude?"
Lynn laughed at what he said, it came out really cute. Bob then said: "Dude she's not a dude!"
Frank: "Yeah but you know what I mean"
Lynn said with a smile on her face: "Yeah, well actually I'm a big fan!"
Frank nodded his smiley face and said: "So you are one of the smart people!"
It sounded so funny, everybody laughed, well except for Gerard, he was just sitting there. A couple of hours later, After Brian and the guys told her how the work goes around there and handed her everything she needed to work on, she noticed that Gerard didn't say a word to her since she got there. He looked really careless and as if he didn't even notice her. She could feel something was wrong with him, cause she knew him and she knew how he was really like. She walked to the other end of the room where he was, he was so busy drawing he didn't notice her, she stared at his work and said: "This is amazing", he looked at her and said: "Thanks". She felt bad, he didn't really give her much attention and she was actually most excited to meet him!
Brian called her over and said: "We need to go now, the hotel is a couple of blocks away, it didn't have enough suites so we are going to share rooms guys."
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