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Hotel, Hotel Rooms.

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The hotel was huge, Lynn made a mental note to stay with the band so she wouldn't get lost. Fans were there, they were everywhere, already waiting for them, with their pencils and papers for signatures, some MCR posters and others just wearing the "I heart MCR" T-shirts. They were going crazy, they all started screaming and yelling when they got off the car. Lynn wasn't used to this kind of attention, she wanted to hide or just become invisible but there were too many people outside, she couldn't escape or go anywhere, she had to wait for the members to sign and chat.

After everything was done and they finally managed to get in the hotel, Brian said: "Ok guys, you all know Ray goes with Mikey and Frank goes with Bob and since Gerard was the only one to have his own room, now that there's a new member, he will be sharing it. Oh and guys, don't leave your rooms, I'm going to have to talk to everyone of you, don't make me chase you around the hotel for that." Gerard still hasn't said anything, as if he didn't care, Lynn was kind of upset, but then she thought to her self, why would he care, she's not the rock star here, she's just some normal young girl who just joined them.

As everyone headed to their rooms, she followed Gerard to see where she was staying.
All the way to the room Gerard didn't speak, didn't look at her, didn't do anything that had anything to do with her. When they got in, he finally managed to say: "This is our room, I'm going to have this bed since I've always been sleeping on it."
Lynn, looking at the beds, said: "Uh, ok."
Then Gerard took some paper and pencil and headed to the door saying: "I'm out now, don't wait up!"
Lynn, unpacking her bagages, looked at him and said: "Where are you going? Brian said we were not supposed to leave the rooms now!"
Gerard: "I'll be at the bar, drawing"
Lynn nodded as he closed the door behind him and left.

When she was done unpacking, she sat on a large black lethered sofa, watching TV, waiting for Brian, Gerard or just some company. She waited about an hour and a half before she fell asleep.

The next day, Lynn woke up in her bed. Looked over at Gerard's bed, it was empty. She knew they had to shoot a video now, but it was still too soon, not in 4 hours. she got up to the kitchen to see Gerard sitting there on a chair next to the window, looking outside, with a cigarette in his hand. She looked at him saying: "Good morning!", Gerard's chain of thoughts seemed to have gotten interrupted as he looked at her and said: "Good morning". Then she just had to ask: "I think I fell asleep on the couch yesterday, but somehow woke up in bed today. Did I somehow sleep walk or..."
Gerard smiled and said: "No, I put you in bed" she smiled back and nodded, she didn't know what else to say, this ice between them couldn't be broken! Gerard then added: "Breakfast is over there on the table in case you were hungry." She looked over at the table, it was a huge one with everything on it, as if it was a royal dinner she was invited to. She said: "Did you have your breakfast?" Gerard, putting off his cigarette said: "No, I'm not hungry". She had to add: "I thought you stopped smoking" Gerard smiled and replied: "It's just one cigarette, I needed it."
Lynn: "Why? What's wrong?"
Gerard: "Nothing, it's just a cigarette"
Lynn: "Is it because of me? That new memeber joining the team?"
Gerard laughed and said: "No! it's just that sometimes shit happens, and I just had to let it out!"
Lynn: "You let it out by smoking?"
Gerard looked annoyed then said: "Aren't you going to have your breakfast?"
Lynn: "No, thanks I'm not hungry." She looked angry, then she turned away and headed to where those files were, opened them and started studying their case.
Gerard followed her and said: "You need to eat you know"
Lynn always looking at her papers: "Yeah, I know"
Gerard sat next to her and said: "Listen, um, I'm sorry, but, uh, there are some things about me, you never, should ever know!"
Lynn looked at him, smiled a little then looked back at her papers.
Gerard: "Good way to ignore someone!"
Lynn: "Oh come on, you've been doing that ever since I met you!"
Gerard then got off the couch and went to the living room. That's when Lynn started thinking : what have I done ! did I drive him away? but he has been ignoring me too! I don't get what just happen! But I needed to know what's wrong with him so that I would know how to deal with him, after all we are room mates!...Time flew by, those 4 hours passed as she finished the first set of paper works she was supposed to finish. As Brian got in their room, Gerard was watching TV and Lynn was getting ready. Brian: "Come on guys, everything is set, the limo is waiting, hurry up! I still have others to warn!"
Lynn looked at Gerard as he turned off the TV, took some of his stuff and went outside leaving the room door open. She felt bad for ignoring him earlier, but she had to, but still, she could feel like he didn't like her, as if something was wrong and that he didn't want her in his room.
Frank passing by the room spotted her, stopped by the door and said outloud: "BOO!"
She looked over at the door, there he was, smiling to her, she laughed and then he added: "Come on! Let's go! Can you walk or you want me to carry you?" She laughed again and said: "No, I think I can walk." Frank then smiled and said: "But oh well I'll carry anyways!" he went in and held her, she started laughing and yelling at him to get her down, she did admit it though, it was fun all the way to the car, they bumped into an endless number of staff making them spill the coffee, fall on the ground or just let the tray with everything on it fall!
They got to the car laughing and making jokes about what happened to people who went in their way.

As they got there, they had a distance to walk before they got to where the shooting should be. On their way, she could hear Frank agruing with Bob again about how Batman is way better than Superman, Ray was yelling at them telling them to stop it! Gerard was way ahead of them, as if he didn't want anything to do with anyone and Mikey walked next to Lynn
he said: "So did you know that putting the hair dryer in the microwave and turning it on turned out to actually be dangerous?"
Lynn looked at him and laughed, then he added: "Seriously, it blows up, I've tried it!"
Lynn laughed even harder, then she said: "Next time, we should try other stuff too!"
Mikey smiled and said: "Ok! Deal! Man this is going to be fun!"
Lynn laughed again as they got to the where the shooting takes place.

Brian was about to start giving his instructions with other staff standing next to him, as Ray's voice talking loudly to Bob interrupted : "You're shitting me!"
Bob: "No, that would be disgusting!"
Ray: "That's not what I meant!"
Bob: "I know"

Brian: "Guys listen! now we know our budget hasn't been quite easy to handle these days, that's why we hired Lynn, the new financial advisor, she will be telling us about the things we ARE able to use and the things that we are better off without for making this video."

Ray walked up to the manager and whispered something to him.
Brian: "You must be shitting me!"
Bob: "He's serious"
Mikey went over and said with excitment: "What? What? Tell me!"
Ray: "Oh, nothing, go get yourself ready."
Mikey turns around and leaves saying: "Not fair!"

Then they heard a sound coming from far: "Hi everyone!"
They all turned around and here she was, Eliza Cuts, the so called Gerard's Ex-girlfriend!
Bob smiles and says: "I warned you guys, and you thought I was shitting!"

Eliza walked over to the crew and said: "Didn't anyone hear me? I said Hi!"
Everyone (Except for Gerard): "Hello"
Then she walked towards Gerard who looked really annoyed, she looked at him playfully and said: "Hiii Gerard!"
Gerard: "What are you doing here?"
Lynn started thinking to herself, could that be the reason why he was so upset? What could Eliza have done to him?!
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