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What Could It Be?

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Gerard, leaning on the table behind him, became so tensed and had this mad look in his eyes and then added: "This is not a good time Eliza."
Eliza smiled as if she didn't care and said: "Gerard sweetie, I really need to talk to you about something."
Lynn started to get anxious as she was listening to their conversation, she saw Gerard glancing at her, she immediatly looked away and pretended being busy with papers she had in her hand. A short moment later she saw him getting into one of the trailors with Eliza. She had to know what was going on, she approached it quietly, looking through its window, she could see Gerard, sitting on the chair, resting his head in his hands as Eliza was standing up in front of him, talking non stop. Lynn suspected something really weird. She thought Gerard and Eliza were no longer together. Could they be getting back together? But the way they were acting in there didn't look like it. Then she freaked out as she felt someone's hand on her shoulder! It's like she was spying on them and the last thing she wanted is for her to be caught. Good thing is that it turned out to be Mikey, he said: "Um, does a financial advisor know where everyone's trailor is supposed to be?" Lynn looked at him confused, she didn't really get what he meant so he added: "I'm supposed to get dressed, I checked all the trailors and didn't find mine, everybody was too busy to tell me in which trailor my stuff were so I thought I'd ask you." He paused then said: "OH! There is this trailor still, I didn't check it." Lynn didn't have enough time to open her mouth and stop him from barging in on Gerard and Eliza. As he opened the door with a big smile on his face, Eliza suddenly stopped talking as if what she was saying is strictly confidential and looked over to the door in a really angry way. Gerard looked at Mikey standing there and said: "This better be worth it Mikey! What is it?"
Lynn felt like she needed to do something or else Mikey is a dead man for interrupting this abviously serious conversation so, as Mikey was saying :"Uh, oh Gerard I was..." she interrupted saying: "Hey, I was looking for you, there's no time till shooting begins and Brian is getting really mad no one is ready yet and I really need to go over some video expenses with you before we start with everything!" Eliza gazed at Lynn and said: "And who could you be?." Lynn could sense that Eliza was so irritated of her presence but she couldn't care less, she could see from Gerard's look that he was a bit reliefed that they interrupted so she said: "Yeah, I'm Lynn, the financial advisor, so it's an important business meeting that needs to be done right away!" Eliza got angrier and turned all red saying agressively and in a loud tone: "I can't believe you think you can just get in here and interrupt everything! Who do you think you are?" Lynn hesitated for a while, but then she looked at Gerard and saw a little smile on his face, that's when she knew he was actually glad Eliza was distracted and actually being annoyed, so she walked towards Eliza, looked her in the eyes in a serious way and said: "Eliza, is it?" Eliza frowned, then Lynn added: "Yeah, listen, I don't really have much time for any silly cat fight right now ok honey? Now if you'll excuse me, as I said, this is really important, you and Gerard can continue your little chitchat later, but right now, I'll be sorry to inform you that, uh, I'm going to have to steal him away." Eliza started breathing intensly from anger, she looked over at Gerard, this little smile on his face actually got wider, he looked back at Eliza and gestured with his arms open as if to say there's nothing he can do about it. Then Eliza grabbed her handbag violently from the couch, gazed at Lynn again, looking at her up and down, then stormed out.

As she got out, Lynn had a huge smile on her face, she finally felt she was herself again, the strong girl she was back home, she looked at Gerard to find his smile was even larger than hers then he said: "I must thank you for that!"
Lynn: "Well, I would've came in sooner if I knew she was such a burden!"
Gerard: "I'm going to have to deal with her later, but as long as she's gone for now, I think I'll be able to get some air for a while!"
Mikey, still confused, said: "I didn't get it, so did my stuff turn out to be in this trailor or should I look elsewhere?"
Gerard simply wanting to get rid of him said: "Go look elsewhere Mikey."
Mikey: "Oh, ok." Then he left.

Gerard turned to Lynn and said: "So, how can I pay you back?"
Lynn smiled and said: "Well, you can start by telling me what's with the angry face lately. From everything I've read about you, I don't think that this is the Gerard I really know."
Gerard: "There are a lot about me that you don't know."
Lynn: "And what was Eliza all about?"
Gerard was sad again, he looked down and said: "I can't!"
Lynn laughed and said: "Oh, come on! maybe I can help! It's not like you robbed a bank!"
Gerard's tone got serious and he said: "You wouldn't understand so let's just chuck it ok?"
Lynn: "Seriously, did you rob a bank?"
Gerard: "NO!"
Lynn: "Yeah, yeah I know!"
Gerard: "It's just that shit has happened lately, I screwed up and, now, I'm going to have to deal with the consequences, somehow!"
Lynn: "Well, maybe I can help!"
Gerard: "You can't, nobody can."
Lynn stepped closer to him, looked him in the eyes, smiled and said: "Try me."
Gerard: "I thought I could pay you back with a cup of coffee, but you're not making it any easier now are you?"
Lynn: "Oh well, that's just who I am."
Then she sat, leaning forward towards him, looking at him with eyes wide open, as if to say she was all ears, waiting for him to say what has been bothering him.
Gerard: "Drop it! This is killing me!" He stood up and walked out of the trailor, leaving her all alone, feeling bad and disappointed.

Lynn stayed in there for a while. She was thinking of what could possibly be wrong with him, she felt so helpless for the first time in her life, it was as if she turned into a nobody. Then, suddenly, her heart stops at the sound of a gun shot! her eyes open wide as she hears someone yelling in the background: "GERARD!!"
All her body got so numb she couldn't move, she didn't want to know what just happened, it didn't sound right, could it be? Could he have done it? Was this problem he wouldn't tell her about SO horrible ?
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