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What Really Happened!

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Lynn felt numb again, but she had to see for herself, next thing you know, she is pushing people from her way, until she got to that trailor door, she looked in and saw him. It was Gerard, sitting on a chair and a gun in his hand. She felt warm tears coming down her cheeks. She stepped in behind him, closed her eyes letting the tears drop and said: "Oh my god! Why! Why would you do that?" A familiar voice coming from there said: "What? Are you serious?"

Lynn opened her eyes wide to see Gerard looking at her, then he added: "That damn rat! I'm going to get him I swear! If not this time, then definitly the next!"
Lynn looked all confused, frowning and thinking, so he was supposed to shoot the rat, not himself?
Gerard leaned his head towards her fixing his look on her eyes and said: "Hey, were you crying?"
Lynn wiped the tears off of her face, held her head up high and said: "No! Ofcourse not!"
Gerard smiled and said: "You are such a terrible liar, why were you crying?"
Lynn looked away saying: "Just forget it ok?"
Gerard: "You thought I shot myself didn't you?"
Lynn: "Uh, n--no?"
Gerard: "That's what everybody thought at first, but you were the only one to cry! You seem to be sweet."
Lynn felt embarrassed, somehow, so she added: "Look, just forget it, I tend to cry even if something happened to a cat so just let go!"
Gerard, looking deeply in her eyes he said: "Ok, fine."
Lynn, meaning to sound formal and objective: "Shooting starts in 10 minutes, you need to get ready!" then she left.

As she got out of the trailor, feeling reliefed yet a bit embarrassed, she bumped into Mikey who was all dressed up and ready, he said: "That stupid trailor turned out to be the one that Gerard and Eliza were in! Can you believe that! He told me it wasn't it! But I could tell by the broken radio that was in there!"
Lynn was confused again, yet happy to see Mikey, he always cheered her up, then he added: "Well it was wet the other time." Lynn laughed as she started to get what he meant as he said: "Yeah, appearently, you are not supposed to get it in the bathtub with you." She smiled and asked: "Why would you want to do that?!" Mikey replied: "Can you imagine a radio underwater? That would make funny sounds! But that doesn't work, trust me, I've tried it 3 times already, my left leg is still numb!" Lynn patted Mikey on the shoulder with a big smile on her face saying: "Let's go shoot that video!"

Shooting the video went good, except for a couple of mistakes here and there that made them redo some scenes. It was 11 pm already, and everyone was tired.
Brian getting everyone's attention by clapping his hands and speaking loudly: "Ok everybody! Work is over for today! Let's go get some rest, big day tomorrow!"

On the way back, everyone was quiet, they were too tired to speak.
Lynn got to the room before Gerard did. At first, she thought he was coming right behind her, but then after a couple of hours had passed, it was after mid night, she started to get worried she couldn't sleep, just laying there in her bed, she heard some noise outside her room door, and then she heard the door open, she was reliefed Gerard was finally back. She wondered why he didn't turn the lights on as he came in, but that didn't matter, as long as he got there safe and sound, he walked in the bedroom, she had her eyes half open, looked to his direction meaning so say something, but, wait a minute, Gerard doesn't have a long beard and piercings on his face!
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