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In The Hotel Room.

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Lynn jumped off the bed unconsciously screaming! The lights were finally turned on by Gerard, he was right behind the guy Lynn spotted from her bed.

Gerard: "What happened to you?"
Lynn with eyes wide open, sounded speechless first but then said: "So he is with you?"
Gerard: "Yeah, he's with me, I didn't want to turn the lights on first, since I didn't want to wake you up, but you're already up!"
Lynn, staring at the guy: "I couldn't sleep"
Gerard: "This is Mark, Mark that's Lynn."
Mark, with a grin on his face said: "Hey, I like your pyjamas."
Lynn frowned, turned to Gerard and said: "What's going on? Why is he here?"
Gerard: "We need to get some things done, you can go back to sleep."
Lynn looked at the guy again, she could see where he was staring at her, she didn't feel comfortable around him, there was something suspicious about him, she thought to herself. But she was too tired to do something, then she thought that since he's Gerard's friend, everything should be fine, so she said: "Ok then, I'm off to bed."
Mark, with the grin getting wider on his face said: "Can I join you?"
Lynn was irritated, she wanted to just turn around and kick him in the balls, but then she turned to Gerard, waiting for him to say something, but he didn't.
Mark then added: "So? What do you say?"
Gerard interrupted saying: "look man, we need to get what you came for done, so let's move to the other room shall we?"
Mark, always staring at Lynn, nodded and told her: "I'll see YOU later." adding one of those creepy winks in the end, then they both went out to the living room, closing the bedroom door behind them.

Lynn, sat in bed for about 10 minutes, thinking of what had just happened until she fell deeply asleep.

The next day, Lynn woke up at the sound of the TV, she looked at her watch, it was still 6 am, how could anyone watch TV at this time of the day! She got off the bed, got her slippers on and marched to the living room, she could see the back of Gerard's head sitting on the couch. He must have fallen asleep in front of the TV yesterday, she thought to herself walking towards the TV and turning it off. When she turned to face Gerard, her heart skipped a beat by the look of his face, he had a swollen lip and a serious bruise under his eye.

She felt so bad, he actually was asleep but he looked as if he was hurting! she stepped closer to him, and sat on the couch next to him, looking at how awful he looked then she said softly: "Gerard?"
He didn't move.
She repeated saying: "Gerard, wake up!"
Still, no reaction from him.
She walked to the fridge, got him some ice and got back, he had his eyes half open, he looked at her and said in pain: "Y--you weren't supposed t--to see me like that."
She sat back next to him and put the ice on the bruise and said: "What happened?"
Gerard took a deep breath as he held the iced bag on his face. Then she added: "Was it that guy Mark?"
Gerard looked hesitated, then said: "Uh, it's nothing don't w--worry."

Then they both turned to the front door as it was being opened.
Gerard: "Sh--shit that's Brian, he shouldn't see me like that!"
Lynn stood up and ran to the door as it was already slightly open and put her leg in it way preventing him from really opening it.

Brian: Lynn, is that you? Let me in, I need to give you guys some of today's details.
Lynn couldn't really let him in for Gerard's sake, she looked at Gerard, he was trying to get off of the couch to go to the next room, but it looked like he could barely walk so she said: "Uh, I, uh, can't?" It sounded like a question. Brian then added: "What? Let me in I don't have much time!" trying to push the door a little harder to get in. Then she screamed: "NO!" Brian got confused and said: "What? Why?" She said: "Well, uh, you see, uh I'm not dressed, can't you just come back later?"
Brian: "I'll be back in an hour I have other stuff to do than wait for you guys!"
He didn't seem pretty happy, but it did give Gerard an hour to figure something out.

As Brian left and Lynn locked the door, she turned to Gerard to find him leaning on the wall next to her, he could barely stand, he looked like he got punches on the chest too. She helped him go back to the couch and said: "Are you ok? We need to get you to the hospital!"
Gerard: "No, I'll be fine, i just need a couple of minutes to relax."
Lynn then sat back and started looking at him sadly, so he said: "Don't worry I'll be fine."
Lynn: "Are you going to make me ask you what happened again?"
Gerard opened his mouth to speak but then didn't, he was hesitated whether to tell her or not.
Lynn: "I really want to help you."
Gerard: "You are a good girl Lynn."
Lynn smiled, more like faked a smile, she couldn't really smile at a time like this, then she added: "So you ARE going to make me ask what happened again!"
Gerard smiled and said: "I need to let it out to someone, it's killing me."
Lynn: "I'm here, you can tell me."
Gerard: "Promise not to tell anyone! No one else knows and I wouldn't want them to."
Lynn: "Ok, promise."
Gerard: "You need to understand me though."
Lynn: "I'm completely understanding so far."
Gerard: "Yes, I can see that, you are the only person I feel I can trust with that anyways, so the thing is..."
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