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Gerard tells Lynn what has been bothering him and then, something happens...

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Gerard: "The thing is...I uh, I don't know from where to start."
Lynn: "How about Eliza, I think she has something to do with it right?"
Gerard: "SOMETHING? to do with it? She has EVERYTHING to do with it, but I think it was kind of my fault too."
Lynn: "What was?"
Gerard: "You see, when I first met Eliza, it was right after my grand mother passed away, I was so depressed, more like weak, my grandma was the closest person to me and as she left, I felt this emptiness inside of me, I needed anything to fill it. Eliza, on the other hand, took this opportunity to make me get attached to her, to make me fall for her, and it worked."
Lynn, confused, said: "That's not a really big deal though."
Gerard continued: "Eliza isn't what you think she is. You think she makes her living by cutting people's hair?"
Lynn: "What then?"
Gerard: "As I said, I was weak, and she pretended to take care of me, at the time, I didn't know the real her, I would've done everything for her, and so I've done."
Lynn started to get the picture, she said: "She made you do something bad didn't she?"
Gerard nodded and continued: "She was in a drug dealing mess at the time, she knew I had a lot of contacts, so she used her way through me, I don't know what she did, drugged me, hypnotized me, I don't know, but trust me, I'm not a person to do such a thing! I wouldn't! I just don't know what she did!"
Lynn said softly: "What did you do Gerard?"
Gerard looked down and said: "I helped close a really huge drug deal, she taught me to convince people to start dealing, to make the ones that have stopped and just got out of rehab to start dealing again, she even dealt with kids at the age of 13, yeah, we sold a really big amount of drugs the income was huge itself."
Lynn: "Oh no."
Gerard: "They trusted me with the money, to keep them in my safe, but I felt really bad as soon as the deal was closed that I took the money and donated it to rehab organizations."
Lynn trying to be understanding: "Couldn't you've just said no? Even if you were feeling so weak?"
Gerard nodded then said: "She was the only important person to me, as if my love to my grandma was suddenly converted to her, I used to think she was this really nice sweet person, I even used to think she was smart! She was good at it Lynn, she knew how to work her way through to my heart. But after what she made me do, I came to know who she really was, but I was already stuck in the mess."
Lynn frowned and said: "Wait, didn't you say that you donated their money to charity? What did they do?"
Gerard: "I couldn't pay it all back, I still owe them...A lot!"
Lynn: "Ohhh, that explains why she followed you to the shooting scene and looked so angry."
Gerard: "Yeah, she needed her money back, and that guy Mark from yesterday came to reclaim his money back, and those bruises were just simple reminders, his "people" were waiting for him outside, as soon as you fell asleep and he made sure it was just me and him, they got in and...well...kicked the hell out of me."
Lynn said violently: "I knew something was suspicious about him! That stupid big...bag..of...dead...rotten...TURTLES!"
Gerard laughed and said: "Is that the way you swear?"
Lynn: "Only when I'm really super mad!"
Gerard leaned forward to her, looking at her and said: "You know what? I'm glad I told you, I feel better, but I'm still in deep shit."
Lynn looked at him and said in a loud tone: "Yeah, so we need to do something!"
Gerard: "We can't, well I can't ask the band, we already have a little budget problem, we hired YOU!"
Lynn: "What? I'm not talking about the band! I'm talking about you and me!"
Gerard looked at her confused saying: "You and me? What can we do? Face it, I'm a dead man!"
Lynn: "I'll ignore what you just said, and trust me, I'll figure something out, did you forget what I do for a living? My job is to work with money."
Gerard smiles a bit and says: "Even though I swore never to trust anyone again after what Eliza did to me, but I don't regret telling it to you."
Lynn: "Oh well, but you did tease the hell out of me before telling me."
Gerard: "Don't get me wrong, when I first met you, I thought you were adorable, but I forced myself into ignoring you, I was afraid you'd turn out to be more like her."
Lynn: "Oh? And what makes you think I'm NOT!"
Gerard: "You've been nice, you put up with me ignoring you, you cried for me, you cared about me, didn't sleep yesterday when I was still out, you even acted weird in front of Brian to drive him away..for me."
Lynn: "Oh, speaking of Brian, how much time do we still have?"
Gerard looking at his watch: "SHIT! He could be here any minute now!"
Lynn started to get anxious as she said: "What if he saw you this way?"
Gerard: "That would drag me into an endless investigation questions, then he would need to know my every step, I couldn't tell him the story!"
Lynn: "No, no ofcourse you shouldn't, that could cost you your band, and, oh, the rumors, people will think you are a big mafia boss, and your bandmates, they will be driven away, oh no we can't cost the band to seperate!"
Gerard: "You seriously aren't making this any better!"
Lynn: "Yes but, OH MY GOD!" Lynn's eyes were open wide, she looked like she was having a heart attack.
Gerard, looking behind him where the front door was, to where Lynn was looking, said: "FUCK! How long have you been here?"
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