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Brian was standing behind them, looking shocked.
Gerard repeated: "How long have you been here?"
Brian: "long enough to know that there's something you guys are hiding from us."
Lynn: "Did you know what it was?"
Brian: "No, but I'm not leaving until I do."
Gerard and Lynn were speechless, they couldn't possibly tell him what was going on. Awkward silence, only eyes were talking, Gerard and Lynn looked at each other, as if it was the end.
Brian, getting angrier by the minute said: "What is that thing that can cost the band to break up?"
Gerard then looked at Lynn, she was terrified with nothing to say, he knew she couldn't get him out of it this time, so he had to make something up himself so he said: "Uh Brian, we didn't want to tell this to anyone since it's too soon, but..."
Brian said aggressively: "BUT WHAT?"
Gerard: "You see, uh, Lynn and I are...Uh, in love?" it did sound like a question since he came up with it a second before he said it.
Lynn was surprised, she didn't show it though, she just hoped that Brian falls for it.
Brian gazed at them intensively and said: "It didn't seem like you were though."
Lynn rounded her eyes, she started sweating from fear and thinking to herself...he knows this is a lie! he is going to find out about everything! the band will split up! It will be all because of me! Then, she felt something, it was Gerard's hand holding hers, as he said: "You don't understand, I know there's a policy that says we are not allowed to date the people we are working with, but I just love her so much! And this is serious!"
Lynn had her eyes wide open, she was speechless, this was too much for her, she was afraid of getting caught and yet she did like what Gerard was doing.
Brian: "You too need to keep it low, I can't let everyone else in the crew know about that or they will think it's ok if they dated, and you know what happens when it doesn't work and they break up? THE WHOLE BAND BREAKS UP WITH THEM!"
Gerard: "Oh, ofcourse, the good thing about it is that, I know that Lynn and I will never be apart."
Brian added suspiciously: "This still doesn't explain the bruise on your face though."
Gerard added: "Oh, that...Frank, he went crazy on me with his guitar yesterday! we were practicing and he got really into it that he just hit me with it." Gerard paused then added: "You know? like the time he hit the hell out of Ray?"
Brian sounded irritated as he said: "We are going to have to put today's work off to tomorrow, you can't appear on the video looking like this. I'll inform the others." Then he turned away and left.
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