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Working Things Through.

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30 minutes later, as Lynn was dealing with paper works, trying to figure out a way to get Gerard out of this mess, he steps closer to her, eating his favorite chocolate bar, sits next to her on the floor, knees up where he rested his elbows while watching her work.

Lynn: "I think I figured it out."
Gerard: "Are you serious?"
Lynn nodded and said: "Yeah, from the stuff you own, most of them are for no use to you anymore, but are still expensive right now, if we do this, we can cover around 50% of the money you owe."
Gerad: "What about the other 50?"
Lynn had a large smile on her face as she said: "Here comes the UNCLE part!"
Gerard: "What?"
Lynn: "I'll get the money from my uncle."
Gerard: "Are you serious? No!!"
Lynn got confused and said: "What? Why not? He wouldn't even feel the difference, trust me!"
Gerard shook his head in refusal, so she added: "You will pay them back when you get the time."
Gerard: "This doesn't sound right!"
Gerard: "Would he even agree? What will your parents say about that? Have you thought of this?"
Lynn looked at Gerard with this empty look on her face and said lowering her tone: "My parents passed away, my uncle is the only person left for me, he has raised me since I was 5, he is the one who got me this job, and I'm sure, that he'll give me some money if I needed it."
Gerard: "I'll pay it back, we are going on tours soon, so I'll make sure he gets it all back."
Lynn smiled as she got off to get the phone so she could call her uncle.

Stan: "Hello?"
Lynn: "UNCLE!!!"
Stan: "Lynn? Is that you pumpkin?"
Lynn: "Yeah!! I missed you so much!"
Stan: "Me too, I was getting worried, it's been almost 4 days since you left and you haven't called."
Lynn: "I know, we've been really busy lately!"
Stan: "So how's the band...uh, A Chemistry of romance is it?"
Lynn giggled and said: "It's MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE UNCLE!!"
Stan: "Right, right, I'll keep that in mind."
Lynn: "About that, I was calling to ask if you can do me like a really big favor."
Stan: "What is it sweetie? Is everything ok?"
Lynn paused, Gerard was right next to her, she looked at him, then said: "I need some money uncle."
Stan: "You scared me for a while I thought something bad happened to you. How much do you want me to transfer to you?"
Lynn: "Um, It's a huge amount."
Stan: "When did it matter to me sweetheart? So how much do you want?"
Lynn took a deep breath and told him how much she needed.
Stan didn't reply, she said: "Uncle?"
Still no reply from her uncle she started to feel bad, could he have ditched her at a moment like this? so she added: "Uncle are you there? Hello?"
A couple of seconds later, he said: "Ok, I just transfered it, I'm thinking you are buying a really huge house with that?"
Lynn closed her eyes and smiled as she said: "Thank you thank you thank you! I'll be paying it back seriously!"
Stan: "Go get that house girl! Don't forget to keep in touch with your old uncle Stan ok?"
Lynn: "Ofcourse uncle, I won't!"

As she hung up, Gerard had this anxious look on his face as he said: "So??"
She screamed and started jumping and said: "WE GOT IT!!!"
Gerard got so happy he took her in his arms and hugged her, she felt so good, she really liked him and she hoped he did too.

As they were done celebrating, Gerard looked at his watch and said: "Oh, wow, I'm kind of late, I need to go now!"
Lynn looked at him with wondering eyes and said: "Go? Where?"
Gerard smiled and said: "I'm meeting someone."
Lynn, still confused said: "meeting who?"
Gerard said as he picked up his car keys off the table: "I've been going out with someone it's been a while, after Eliza and I broke up, she's a pretty nice girl."
Lynn: "Oh."
Gerard kissed her on the forehead, looked her in the eyes and said: "I don't know how to make it up to you, but I'll figure out a way." then he left

She felt so abandoned, she sat on the couch and started thinking, am I stupid? What did just happen? He just walked out the door. She didn't know what to think...He just left her behind.
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