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I honestly don't know where all my other blogs went, but this is like, my 7th one. Uh, yeah, it's pretty much just my awesome rants, that i am like, professional at, plus like, miny spoilers, and i...

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for real though, for those of you who have not already gotten the memo, i'm AMANDA.
and, i'm nice.

okay, first order of biz, i need to know.

has anyone ever seen pictures of ryan ross's parents? I reeally want to see what they look(ed) like. I don't know why, it's just an urge.
so, if you've ever seen pictures, send them. please.
oh, and also, has anyone ever seen a picture of ryan ross swimming? yeah, these are the things that keep me up at night, for real. help me sleep, and find these god damn pictures.

okay, secondly...
damn, i forgot what i was going to say-or so type...
uhh. whose seen donnie darko? best movie. not what i was going to say, but what the hell. uh, uh.


today, i came to terms with my inner self. i am offically in love with ryan ross. there's no stopping me, i'm a machine.

and now, i have no clue what i'm saying. WAHOO. uh, i love rydon, does someone have some i can read? maybe a good non-ficwad rydon? i'd eat it up. send things.

eee, did you say you had kittens? i'm on that.
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