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My Ears?

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so, i killed my ear drums, and my ears hurt.
the other night, they hurt so bad that I was in my bed singing AFYCSO over and over, until eight in the morning.
all night, if you will.
worst night ever.

but, it's okay.

i got tickets for Young Wild Things Tour the other day. I'm an OCK, so I might win meet and greets and stuff, but who cares.

i get to get in early too.
can you say, BARACADE.
last fall out boy concert I was at screwed me up for life. I was in the middle of the pit, three people to the stage, and I got trampled twice, like the on the ground kind of trampling.

sucked. and i almost puked on everyone too. hahahaha. but, joe got sweat on us, and spit alllll over me and my friend with water, and pete's crack was exposed.

like always.

last night i had a dream that me and a few of my friends went to YWTT, and after gym class heroes and cute threw paint on us, we met shaant, and he kept wanting me to take pictures with him, and so after we did that, we found fall out boy's bus, and Patrick walked off, and I followed him and was like "Patrick! Can I please have a picture?" and he turned around and was like "NO! I'M BUSY!" and I was like "ummmaww, sorry? want help?" and he just put his hand out, and kept walking.
and pete walked past me in glasses and a white shirt with purple writing, and smiled and waved at me, and i just looked at him and then ran back to where my friends were and was like "PATRICK IS THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE!!!!" and all these things about him being a sellout, and my friends were so upset that he was like that, so we all went in to see fall out boy, and we were up front, and we were giving Patrick the dirtiest looks, and he took the mike and was like "i wanna apologize to someone i was a little mean to today, i was in a bad mood, and i'm sorry, so, this song goes out to you." and they played bang the doldrums, and i was still pissed, and my friends were like ZOMG.
then after, we all got into the car, and i felt something in my back pocket, so i ripped out a piece of paper.
turns out shaant slipped his number into my back pocket while he was taking pictures with me, and there was a note attached and it said "i think i'm in love with you."
and so i told my friends, and they were like "LETS PRANK CALL HIM!"
and i agreed.

then i woke up. and it was SO real.
i was pissed, because i was so ready to put the pictures of me and shaant on myspace. >:(
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