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Movie Romance!

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Ray helped Gerard how to kiss Megan. Find out how it went!

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Gerard's POV

I woke up pretty early because I was soo excited to see Megan again.

I went to Mikey's room he was still sleeping.

It was after like 7 in the morning.

I raided through my closet for some decent clothes for the movie.

10 o'clock am

The doorbell rang it was Bob and Ray.

I asked them to come early.

"Hey Bob, Hey Ray!" I said

"Hey" They answered.

They came to help me about how to kiss Megan during the movie.

"So we're watching a horror movie right??" Ray said while Bob was raiding my refridgerator.

I nodded.

"Okay so here's what you do when she gets scared she'll probably bury her face on your chest. Is there a bit romance in it too?"


"Okay good. So what you'll probably do is like maybe stroke her hair and she'll look up to you and you'll look at her. Just slowly kiss her gently. And there you go" Ray said smiling.

"Okay I hope to remember that" I said.

Mikey came down with ruffled hair and a tired face.

"What time is the movie" He said yawning.

"9:30" I said.

"Oh that reminds me! Do you know when Frank and Megan are gonna be here??" I asked

"In like 8:45 ish" Bob said coming out with like snacks and popcorn and chips.


The doorbell rang and I answered it.

"Heyy guys come in!" I said gesturing for them to come in.

"OOOH SNACKS!!!" Frank said running over to Bob's little snack table and started tossing handfulls of candy and chips and popcorn.

"Haha be careful Frank don't wanna loose your appetite for popcorn!" I said laughing.

"Don't worry I won't" Frank said talking with his mouth full and bits of food and resumed eating.

"FRANK! DON'T TALK WITH YOU MOUTH FULL!" Megan said yelling at her brother.

Before Frank was gonna say sorry I interupted, "Oh it's okay! I'm fine with it!" I said smiling.

"Okay but sorry about Frank" She said looking down.

"Nono it's fine" I said putting my hand on her shoulder and she smiled.


I put the movie in.

It started and Megan sat beside me on the couch, Mikey on the floor, Bob and Ray on the other couch, and Frank in a a beanie chair.

Scary parts started rolling and Ray was right she did duck her head in my chest.

Now the romance.

I started stroking her hair like Ray said.

She looked up again like Ray said.

My heart started beating faster and faster.

Here I go..

I leaned in and kissed her for a long period of time.

Mikey will just love her........I know it...
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