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Not Gerard's Room?

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Megan finds out that the room she went it wasn't Gerard's. Mikey shows her his room.

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Mikey's POV

I head upstairs to Gerard's room.

Hmm that's odd they're not in here...I thought to myself. I heard chatting in my room.

I came in my room and said, "Hey why aren't you guys in Gerard's room?"

After I said that Gerard glared at me.

"Gerard I thought you said this was your room??" Megan said looking over to him.

Gerard was about to speak but I interrupted him, "No...This is my room.."

"Here I'll show you" I said grabbing her arm heading to Gerard's room.

"Nooo!! Megan this is my room!" Gerard said going to his room but we made it there first.

Gerard's POV

Oh man I hope she likes my room...She'll just like Mikey and hate me because I'm just a nerd. I knew Mikey was cooler than me... I thought to myself.

Megan was examining my room. "Gerard..."

Oh man here it comes.. I thought.

"I love your room!" She said examining my bat.

"I didn't know you loved bats!!"

"Heh..yeahh and I like horror movies too.." I said looking down blushing and tracing a circle with my foot.

"I LOVE HORROR MOVIES!!" She said smiling.

"So umm..Do you uhh wanna--" I said trying to ask but she finished the sentence for me.

"Watch a movie?" She said smiling.

"Haha yeah thanks in my house with Mikey, Ray, Bob, and Frank" I said. I didn't want to be alone so I just wanted them to come.

I looked over at them and they all nodded.

Mikey of course was mad. He made a fist and stompped on the ground.

Megan looked over at him with a confused face.

"Oh I saw a bug and I squashed it" He said of course lying.

"So I'll see you guys there. Come on Frank let's get home." Megan said heading downstairs.

"I'll drive you" I said smiling following her.

After that drive I found out she lived 2 blocks away.

I came back home hearing tears coming from upstairs.

It was from Mikey's door...

"Mikey..?" I said opening it.

"Gerard..why couldn't you let me have this one girl??" He said still crying burying his face in his pillow.


He cried even harder.

"Mikey...Can I just at least have one kiss from her?? She is just so perfect.." I said sitting on the bed.

"Forget it Gerard...she's 3 years older than me and she loves all your stuff. She probably hates mine.." He said sitting up still crying.

"Mikey do you wanna know what she said about your room.." I said looking at him with his red , watery eyes still crying.

He sniffled and looked at me, "Wha what??"

"She loved your room and thought you had great taste in music and loves your posters" I said smiling.

"Really??" He said smiling and stopped crying.


He hugged me, "Thank you're my best brother ever.."

I hugged him back smiling, "But Mikey remember I just want one kiss and you can have her

I sighed.

Mikey heard me, "Gerard..are you sure I can have her?"

"Of course Mikey anything for my little brother" I smiled after all it was Mikey's first girlfriend.

A few days later the movie party...
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