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The Way's House

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Frank made a new friend, Mikey. He was invited to his house, but Megan has to come with him because of the past. She sees Mikey's room and just adores it. Gerard's scared if she might hate his room.

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Okay I changed my mind this isn't Ferard anymore!

Megan's POV

I saw Gerard's friends and my little brother coming over.

"Hey squirt how do you like it her?" I said ruffling his hair.

He shakes his head to fix his hair, "Yup I made a new friend and he invited me over to his house!".

He grinned really big.

"Okay so who is this 'friend' of yours hmm?" I asked anxiosly.

"Mikey! You know uhh what's his name...Oh yeah! Jared's little brother"

"Haha it's Gerard" Gerard said smiling at my brother.

"Okay but Frank I have to go with you! Remember last time!" I said as we sat at a table eating lunch.

He sighed, "Yes I have.."

"Haha what did the poor guy do?" Gerard said not looking up just eating.

"Well he kind of..Uhh well..They were pillow fighting and he sorta jumped on the bed and broke it heh.."

Frank nodded.

Mikey: O___O

"Haha Mikey it's okay I'll be there to watch him." I said just looking at him smiling.

Mikey's POV

Oh my God...Megan's going to my house..What if she thinks my comics are nerdy and stupid?!?! Oh man she would like think I'm a nerd and never go out with me. I said thinking in my head,

I looked over to Gerard to see if he was nervous too. He was a bit sweating and blushing and trying to cover his face with his hair.

Lunchtime was over. GOING HOME WOO!

Megan's POV

I was just walking down the hall when someone accidently bumped into me and we dropped our books.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" We said in unison.

"So um..I'm Megan what's your name?"

"Kris" (Angel: DUN DUN DUNN!!!)

"Oh awesome! Wanna sit on the bus with me?"

"Okay but can my friend come?"

"Okay where is she?"

"Oh she'll be here"

"Is that her?" I said pointing at a girl with black hair.

"Yup her name is Kennedy." (Angel: WHAHAH DUN DUN DUN DUNNN DUNN!!!!DUN!)

We all headed on the bus and just sat down talking about bands and stuff and we quickly became friends.

Now at Mikey's house.

Mikey's POV

Oh man oh man oh man...Megan's coming oh gosh..Just ask casual Mikey..You're a lady's man. Even though you're a top student in math. I thought while not know where I was going and bumped in the door real hard.

30 minutes later.

"MIKEY WAKE UP YOU DARN THING!!!" I heard someone shaking me forcefully.

"Hey Gerard I know what will help him!" I heard a girl's voice.

A few seconds later I heard a some water splashing.

I hope it's coffee. I LOVE COFFEE!!! I said hoping to myself.

"Okay here I go" I heard again the same girl voice.

Then all of a sudden I felt crisp, ice cold water splash down me.


10 minutes later of random yacking of Mikey.

(Note: It's still his POV)

Everything started coming to view in a blur.

"Ahh what happened..." I said rubbing my head.

"Well first you ran into the door and we lost you there for 30 minutes. You hit the door pretty hard you have a bump on your head." Frank said explaining.

"WELL WHY THEN YOU DUMPED ALL THE EFFIN WATER ON ME WHY I OUTTA--" I said yelling and then Megan interupted.

"Oh I'm sorry Mikey I did that.." She said looking down guilty.

"Oh that's okay I didn't mean to yell.." I said and she hugged me.

"Aww thank you!" She said and Frank looked at me confused when I apologized.

And then I started to go loose and fell on the ground. Hehe Megan hugged me..jklfjsf,dscs.

I thought being all goo goo gaa gaa in my mind. And then I started drooling when I was looking at Megan.

Gerard's POV

HAH! While Mikey's in Lala land in his mind I can hang out with Frank and Megan and show her how cool I am! And then she won't go out with Mikey!! I thought to myself.

We all head upstairs and Megan looked confused looking at Mikey on the floor.

"Oh it's okay just leave him there.." I said trying not to make her think about Mikey.

"Okay.." She said when she opened the wrong door and went to Mikey's room.

"HEY MEGAN THAT'S NOT MY ROO--" I said but then she interupted.

"Wow this room is soo awesome!! COMICS AND CD'S EVERYWHERE!! AND AWESOME POSTERS!! GERARD I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!" She said admiring Mikey's room.

Oh man she might hate my room then!! It's soo plain I have a freaking bat for God's sake! And a sword?? She might think I'm like soo nerdy and still play pretend games!! I thought so I lyed.

"Yeah so I'm glad you like my room" I smiled.

Mikey's POV

"Oh wow I dozed off there for a second..." I looked around Oh they left! I should go upstairs and see what they're doing.

I head upstairs to Gerard's room.
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